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"How To Get More Customers"

How I Do Things Differently

I started to learn about internet marketing, starting businesses and trying to become a “successful business owner” back in November / December 2004. Today in 2020, that’s a long time ago.   The actual day of the month and the exact

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My Old Fresh Start

I’m very excited to be posting this right now, it’s been years of thought and several months in the making. My name is Craig Marty and I decided to restart this blog again to share more of what I’m doing

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Marketing Books on Facebook

Hello we are live! How are you? It’s Craig Marty here, just checking in to say HELLO. I wanted to do some more of these posts, videos and Facebook lives for my shameless ‘self-promotion’ drive that I’ve started. But it’s

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That Laptop, Online Business Lifestyle

Hey! This is a quick write up on my very first Facebook live video. I’m aiming to a bunch more Facebook lives in the near and the distant future, with the aim to grow my personal brand and gain more

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How to Get More Sales.

Hello, how are you today? I hope you’re doing well. If you read the last post you might remember I said I was inside the car, outside the shopping centre. My wife was inside doing some shopping. So I was

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The type of business you need to build.

Don’t get me wrong, I spent the early years of my online business career, failing at making it a career! I was more like an unprofessional gambler just throwing darts at an unmarked board. Even back then I heard this

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 Ballsy Conversion Strategy

I know that this is going to be a great post for you, and I can only hope that you can see the power behind it. So here’s the story. Yesterday I was at home and there was a knock

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When Should You Get Serious About Online Business?

GOOD NEWS! There is a time in every successful business owners life, when they sit back, think for a moment.. and they realise something powerful. It’s the same for people who are in business and are trying to market their

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One Thing Blocking Your Slam Dunks

I think I might of mentioned this book I’m slowly reading through in a previous post. The book is ‘READY, FIRE, AIM’. It was written in 2008 by Michael Masterson. If you don’t know who he is it’s ok, but

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