Advanced Facebook Marketing Course

Advanced Facebook Marketing Course With an Easy to Follow 18 Step Formula.

Carefully Presented Video Course, Made For Beginners to Get More Customers Than a PRO They’d Hire.

Hi There,

When I first got started in the online game back in around 2005, it was confusing then! And guess what, figuring out what’s real and whats works to market a product and to get paying customers.. is even MORE confusing today.

There is too much information online. And 90% of it, contradicts everything else you’ll read, hear and watch.

Have you also found this to be the case so far?

You my friend, are not alone.

THOUSANDS of hard working, dedicated and “not dumb” individuals have set out hungry and determined to crack the online world. But when faced with the 101 different mountain climbs that all tell you THEIR mountain is “THE ONE“, only the stupid continue.

And that’s where I come in. 

I say stupid because, continuing on to spend money, build more websites, buy more courses, hire more web designers and generally just deciding that smashing your head against the brick wall for the 109th time is going to be your next move, doesn’t really paint the picture of a genius does it?

And i’m not a genius. But I was determined enough to continue learning after the first 2 and 3 years passed. From 2005 – 2008 and beyond, I was working 9-5 in the call centre industry.

And by night, I was a student of the online world. An unofficial student, and in a school where the teachers are tens of thousands of blogs and forums that each had 100 rabbit holes of their own to scurry down and try to figure out how to make that first dollar!

Let me fast forward a little and enter Facebook Marketing.

Now another world opened up.

Facebook marketing has become the holy grail for businesses, and with good reason.

My company has ticked over the million dollar mark for two consecutive years, and 90% of that was directly thanks to the formula that I have developed to:

  1. Choose my customers on Facebook.
  2. Reach my customers on Facebook.
  3. How I speak to customers on Facebook.
  4. And how I manage that new connection with a customer, and ultimately have them become paying customers and clients.

That’s the short version.

The long version is longer of course, but it’s NOT more complicated. 

My ‘Social Formula’

Advanced Course on Facebook Marketing

Advanced Course on Facebook Marketing.








The Social Formula is the name I gave my advanced Facebook marketing course. “Facebook” is trademarked by Facebook of course, so when I say “Social” I’m referring to Social Media loosely.

100% of the Social Formula course is on my advanced Facebook marketing formula.

There is 12+ years of my experience and of my countless trial and error into this course. To be successful on Facebook, it takes more than just “knowing Facebook”, and that’s good news for me and it’s good news for you. Here’s why:

Over the last 12+ years, I’ve jumped in every pool. I’m talking about:

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Copywriting
  • Google
  • Funnels
  • Apps
  • And others.

Like I said before, I was determined and a little pig headed. I wrestled everything, and my skill set and knowledge is now wider because of it.

This is good news for you, because it ALL got concentrated down into what became my 18 module, advanced facebook marketing course.

What’s in the course, and what bonuses are included with the Social Formula course?

You can now click the button below to find out all the details, including the price and what you’re getting for it.

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Personally, I believe this is the best Advanced Facebook Ad or Marketing Courses available anywhere today.

Unless you want to pay $6,000 a month to have me on the other end of the phone to consult you, this course is the best Facebook marketing training available.

I’ve invested $2,000 (USD) into other Facebook ads courses to check what others are putting in their courses, so I KNOW that my course is more thorough than all of them. (I won’t mention any names).

I’ve invested other $1,000 chunks and other $999 amounts into other Facebook Marketing courses too. I did it for my clients, because I wanted to see if someone else had found the Facebook Easy Button that could cut my formula down from 18 steps to just 1 step = “press the magic button”. If someone found that button, I want to know about it.

But I’ve looked, trust me! What I know to be true is that magic button is right next to a Unicorn and a Mermaid.

I was also partly curious to see what the different was going to be between the $2,000 course and the other $999 (and some lower).

The bottom line: The $2,000 course was less in-depth than the $999 – that’s if you knew what you were looking for, or if you knew what you should be hearing and learning.

But if you’re a regular Joe or Jane and you’ve spent you’re good money to learn everything there was to know about Facebook marketing, you would just assume that you that you got everything there was to learn!

But you’d be wrong.

Take another 10 minutes now, to learn more about:

  • What’s included in my Advanced Facebook Marketing Course, called the Social Formula.
  • What bonuses I’m including when you invest in it today. 
  • Learn about the GUARANTEE I give you, when you invest your valuable money with me.
  • And see more about what I cover in the course. 

Read all the details HERE, before making any decisions.

Got a question? Just contact me and the team here.

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