Affiliate Marketing, ClickFunnels and Online Business.

How does it all work?

That’s the question I got asked, and I’m not surprised.

There is an UNCOUNTABLE amount of information online about how to make money and start an online business.

Luckily for this person, and for you reading this – I spent over a decade going through it all. Well it feels like I’ve read it all. I remember it being hard to make sense of.

You can read one thing today, and then read something tomorrow that contradicts and throws mud at what you read yesterday!

JUST when you think you’ve got it figured out, you read that something that opens a whole can of worms that seem to eat all the old worms you already discovered for breakfast!

I know, I’ve been there. 

The truth is, it’s not easy for people who are starting out trying to make sense of it.

I had a question from a new follower who was confused about:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Website builders (clickfunnels, lead pages, etc)
  • Personal URLS, affiliate links, etc.
  • What will a customer see, and how to capture their information.
  • And so on.

From her questions, I can tell these are fairly early questions in her journey. So if you’re also just starting out, this will be a great read for you too. 

Read our chat conversation below:



Hi Craig, thanks again for answering my questions, i didn’t want to bug you yesterday evening so thought I’d reach out today

to be honest, for the moment, i’ve mostly been listening and reading quite a bit on affiliate marketing so the putting it into practice part is definitely lacking but i was trying to have a better understanding of where to even begin, so many courses and people out there promoting their stuff, it get overwhelming.

high level, i get a bit the idea of building the pages but afterwards, how to advertise or promote that link of what you’ve built, that part is definitely unclear


My pleasure.


1. You choose something you want to promote.2. Learn that YES this company allows affiliates.
3. You sign up, and now you have your unique link.
4. If you send me that link in a FB message, or in an email, and just said “hey, check this out: ” (not a real website)
5. If I clicked on your link, and liked the product and I bought it! You will get the commission from the company for that 1 sale.
6. When you signed up to promote the product, you got a username and password to login and check how many people clicked on your unique link.. how many people purchased, etc.

7. When you want to promote this link.. it’s the same as promoting any link. Whenever you set up an Ad on Facebook, Google, magazines, or anywhere… they will always ask you something like “where do you want to send people who click on your ad?” . That’s where you enter your unique link.

8. Your unique link won’t be your website. It is the companies website. They will manage and keep up to date, all the fields.. and the design, and will make sure it all works, etc.

9. Your website: you can have your own website. This is more difficult to set up, but it’s more recommended. Because as you grow your website and market it, write articles for it, etc, your website will start to get more popular in a number of ways.

Then you can promote other products, or services.. and you can create your own.

Ok… what questions do you have about which Points?


Where does click funnels (note from Craig: ClickFunnels is a paid tool you can use to build websites.) come into all this? So say I use my affiliate link , I gotta build I think with click funnels lead page and so on, so I’m misunderstanding this part I think? How do people fall on my capture page and will that be a different link leading to my affiliate link thereafter? I hope I’m not confusing ( I’m a bit confused with that part).

I think there seems to be several websites that build these pages and have auto responders if I’m not mistaken , namely click funnels.


Good questions. I know what you’re thinking..

Clickfunnels is a website builder. Similar to Leadpages and so many others.
Majority of people use clickfunnels to capture names and emails so they can email them lots of different things. And to sell products too.

You could also hire a regular old web developer to build you a website. To put it simply.. it’s the same thing.

If your using your affiliate link, they will not see your capture page. They will see the link of your affiliate link.

If you build your own website… and it was  (not a real website)

Then, you would us that link with any ad, and people would fall on that capture page.

Yes, there’s lots of website builder pages out there.


But seems like some people do it without a website, or  am I mistaken ? And in a clickfunnels demo, say we’d use an amazon affiliate link, I remember somewhere in the process of building a capture/thank you page, the affiliate link was embedded at the end so I was under the impression that in click funnels, we’d include Our affiliate link in there somewhere . And then people use fb ads to to bring traffic to what we built in click funnels , is that it?

I apologize if I’m annoying in any way , just a bit confused with the sequence and process to at least have the big picture in mind to a certain extent.


If they do it without a website.. they are just telling people pot click on their affiliate link. Which is provided by, owned by, and controlled by the company they are providing. Therefore, this person does not need their own capture page. 🙂

It would be possible to have your own website, and send them to your website. Have them sign up for anything… and the on the confirmation page of your website.. you could insert a button with your affiliate link and tell all the people ” hey, now you’ve got y “whatever” – you should also check out this:

And then they click on your affiliate link, and they will be seeing to the companies website … which will be “linked back, and TRACKED back to you”.

💯% no problems


So to be using lead page and everything , need a website? I saw a few examples and seems like those examples with lead pages didn’t necessarily state that they need to set up a website as well. But most people use Facebook ads with they website link or affiliate link to target people right ? I was just wondering regardless if with or without website, how do affiliate marketers bring traffic to whatever they build in clickfunnels.


You don’t need a website .. but you do need a domain name.

The lead page or the clickfunnels page, will become your website.

Yes, FB ads will usually send the clicker to a website. Maybe that’s a clickfunnels page they have built. Or a normal website they had someone build.

Affiliate marketers and all marketers will advertise their web pages they they built in clickfunnels.


Ah ok makes more sense I think I understand a bit better, thanks so much Craig , this is tremendously appreciated!!!!


Let it all sink in, and maybe a few more “but what if” questions will pop up. And then you can ask them.

And that’s it! That’s how our conversation went.

If this does not fill in the gaps for you, or if it opens some new gaps with some new questions in it, just comment your question below and either myself or someone in my team will get back to you help clear some confusion.

Best wishes,


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