Three Steps Before Starting Your 1st Facebook Ad.

This episode is for the absolute beginners. If you’ve never advertised online before, this is for you.

What I’ll cover in this episode will be the 3 Steps you need to have in place before you even go to the facebook website to run an advertisement.

This is for 100% absolute beginners.

It’s for business owners, or people who want to start a business and they’re thinking they might or will one day soon want to run an advertisement on Facebook to see how it goes.

Is that you? Did I just describe you? If I did, great. You might want to grab a pen, your phone, maybe bookmark this page if you’re on the website or save this episode of the Podcast to your phone because I will give you the first 3 things to do.

I’m going to explain the 3 things in perfectly plain and simple terms. I’ll also give you the ‘here’s what to do next’ steps if you have a web programmer who is going to do one of these parts for you. You can just copy what I’ll say here and send it over to them.

Before you run your first ad on Facebook, you’ll want to have these things done.

Ok here it goes, get ready to write these down.

Step 1. You need to have a business.

Is that one easy? (I did tell you this was going to be a very simple to understand checklist for beginners with Facebook ads.) But number 1 comes with a Option B. Here it is:

Step 1b. You don’t HAVE to have a business.

If you are not 100% sure what your product or service will be yet, that is ok. A common exercise that people do is they might use Facebook to test the waters on a few ideas they have. Let’s say for example that you had three ideas. They were:

  1. Ice Cream with CoCo Pops  (I’m making this up of course. And your second idea was:
  2. A lawn mower, that mows the grass by itself. (sounds dangerous, but.. It’s one of your million dollar ideas so we’ll run with it). And your third big idea was
  3. A human size blow dryer so you didn’t have to use a towel after showering. You just stood in front of that big fan, like what’s at the end of a car wash. And you are dry within  3 seconds.

So, these are your three ideas. You haven’t registered the businesses yet because you’re not sure which one is going to take off and be the winner.

You can start three Ads on Facebook that advertised these three ‘yet to be manufactured’ products. You could spend $50 on each Ad to see which product idea of yours had the most positive response. That is a smart way to test a few different ideas before spending too much money on an idea.

So that is Step #1. You either have a business already, or you’ve got an idea for what your business may be.

Step 2 Before Running an Ad on Facebook.

You will need a website. But you don’t need a fancy website. You don’t need an expensive website. Please, please, please don’t fall into this trap.

If your business is already making you $200,000 profit every year or more than ok, take some of that profit and spend some more money on a website. BUT!

If you’re just starting out and even if you know that you don’t need any bells and whistles on your website a $300-$400 website is absolutely fine.

You can write this down, write down “wordpress template”. If you type that into google, you will see thousands for sale for $70-$100 US dollars. There are even reputable businesses who will sell you the template and also set it up for you.

You just need to tell them what’s the name of your business, what words to change the headlines too, etc, etc.
Here is Step 2b, so write this down also. You might decide that you don’t want a website, and you just want to have a Facebook Business page. This might be ok for the early days. So you can just set up a Facebook Business page.

To set up a Facebook Business page, on a laptop or desktop computer go to and log in as normal. If you haven’t created a Facebook account yet, just create an account. It’s the same as creating an email address, pretty simple.

After you’ve logged in, go to the top right hand corner of the screen. There is a very little, downward pointing triangle, just click on that and you will see an option there that says ‘Create Page’. You can then create a Facebook Fan Page for your business there.

So that is Step number 2.  Have a website, or have a Facebook Business page.

If you’re going to use a Facebook Business page only, and not a website to advertise your business, you are pretty much done. You just need to now for these 4 things:

  1. Figure out what you’re going to sell.
  2. Create a ‘special offer’ or a promotion to advertise it.
  3. Create the Ad on Facebook.
  4. Set a $50 budget (or whatever) and see how it goes.

If you need help setting up and running an Ad on Facebook, you can get a copy of my book on running facebook ads for free here: , just cover the postage fee and your copy will be at your door within 7 days.


If you’re going to use your own website, there is another little step for you.

Step Number 3

Before you run your first Ad on Facebook and IF you’re going to use your own website, you need to dedicate one complete page of your website to the Facebook advertisement.

This is called a Landing Page. When your potential customer is on Facebook, and they see your ad and click on it, they will be taken to your website.

It’s highly suggested that you don’t just send the person to any random page on your website, nor just to the homepage of your website.

You need to have a dedicated Landing Page that is 100% dedicated to selling and explaining the same thing you are advertising with the Facebook Ad.

You don’t want anyone to be thinking about, or distracted by anything else when they get to the page on your website, that they will get to.. AFTER they click on your site. That’s why you set up a landing page for the product or service that you are advertising.

If you are working with a web developer, I’m about to give you the instructions that I would send to a web developer if I was just beginning, and if I know what I know now. So, if you think this is also fit what you need, you’re welcome to just copy the following and send it to them:

“Build me a landing page attached to my website. And include the following:

  • Remove all other external outbound links.
  • Make sure the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are in the footer.
  • Make sure the page is extremely light and loads in under 2 seconds. (important, and can be tested here: )
  • Create a Call to Action above the fold on both Desktop and Smartphones view.
  • My call Call to Action is: (you decide what this Call to Action is. Examples are below.)
    • 1 TAP to call me.
    • Submit their phone number and name.
    • Enters their email (for a price guide, for example).
    • Buys your product.
  • Description of my product service (send it to them also to insert your words).
  • Add my logo very small to the top left hand corner of the page.

And that’s it. There are 1,000+ different ways to design a landing page. But if you copy the list above I just gave to you, and send it to your web developer they will know what it all means, and should be able to get it done for you. A good one will even give you some examples to choose some first.

But let me warn with you a disclaimer, I can’t guarantee this is the formula to a money making website. I don’t guarantee things like that unless I personally oversee the project, which I won’t be. And I can’t guarantee the person you hire won’t do a terrible job.

But I wish you well in getting it done. It won’t be the most difficult thing you overcome.

Creating a landing page should not cost more than $100 – $300 dollars. $100 if offshore and maybe $300 if they are based in Australia.

Remember, yes it is possible to spend $2,000 on a landing page but you don’t need to. Just like it’s possible to spend $200,000 on a new car, but you don’t need to do that to be able to drive to and from the office every day.

Everything I just mentioned was the first extra thing you need to get done if you will use your own website when advertising your business on Facebook.

If you don’t want to do all that, you can just use a Facebook Business Page. And your advertisement could say “Send me a message” / or call me on ..blah blah. Etc.

If you’re going to use your own website, the second little extra thing you need to set up is a ‘customer data submit tool’. Now, this is a lot easier than it sounds.

If you’re building your website on your own then you probably know what I mean.

If you’re getting someone else to build your website (like I do), just send your web developer this following sentence:

“Also, when you create my landing page.. When a user enters their personal information please have it emailed automatically to my email address, and put the subject of every email to “Facebook Ads Customer”.

So now when someone clicks on your Ad on Facebook, goes to your landing page on your website, and enters their name and number (or whatever information you get them to fill out), will be emailed to you automatically. And the subject of every email will be “Facebook Ads Customer”, this is so you’ll know where the customer came from and how many enquiries you got for the money you spent on Facebook.


Before you run any ad on Facebook, they are the basic 3 steps you need to have done. Let’s do a quick little recap for you.

  • Step 1: Have a business to advertise your product or service.
  • Step 1b: Or just have a few ideas for a business, to test which gets a better reaction on Facebook. (Facebook is probably the quickest, easiest and most affordable way to test an idea).
  • Step 2: Have a website to send people to who click on your future Ad on Facebook.
  • Step 2b: You can just use a Facebook Business Page instead of a website, if you want to.
  • Step 3: If you’re using your own website, set up a dedicated Landing Page to send Ad clickers too. This one page highlights the thing you’re advertising – AND NOTHING ELSE.
  • Step 3b: Have your web developer set up a way for the customers info to be emailed to you automatically when they enter their details on your website.

That’s it.

If I was starting out again, and if I had a very limited budget to launch another business, these are the exact steps I would take.

You can make this as complicated as you want to. Or you can just make it easy. It’s up to you. I prefer less complicated paths personally, and maybe you do too.

When you have these 3 Steps set up, you’re now ready to go into Facebook and set up your first advertisement. But there is no point doing that, until you have these 3 Steps covered.

If you’re confident that you’ll be completing these steps fairly easily and you’re ready for my help on actually setting up a Facebook Ad, and running a Facebook Ad, you can get a free copy of my book that will walk you through all the different types of Ads, what to watch out for, etc, etc. And also in the book I share with you what type of ad I’ve found to work best for my business and why. I also walk you through the ins and outs of setting up that type of ad.

You can get a free copy of my Facebook ads book here: If you can just cover the postage, and I’ll have the book itself sent to you at no extra charge.

Consider it my “getting started” gift to you.

Facebook Ads Marketing Book

Claim your FREE copy here.

This is my book on Facebook Ads. It’s a real book – NOT an ebook. Get a free copy via the link near this picture.

Then you’re welcome to copy and paste and save the points or send the points to whoever you need to see it.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post.

This is absolute Step 1 for beginners, we were all beginners to start with. But now you can just cut out all the trial and error and complete the early steps years quicker than I did by figuring it all out myself.

Goodbye for now, and I’ll talk to you again in the next post which is going to be about where you can find your customers.

I think you’ll like that one too.

Ok, i’ll talk to you then. Good bye.

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