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Hello and welcome to the New Year, I don’t know when you’re listening to this exactly but.. Here is The Best Business Idea for you in 2018!

Alright.. Are you ready for it?

I’m about to give you a 2 Step Process to starting the best business in 2018.

If you already run a business, don’t worry… you can also apply these 2 steps in your own business and turn that into the business you’ve always wanted.

Here it goes… You ready?

Step #1: Find a large group of people (also known as a target market)… who all really want something.
It doesn’t really matter WHAT it is they want.. As long as it’s something that you think you can provide, create or deliver. Ok..? So that’s Step 1. In Step #1 you identify the market, a group of customers, and you identify what it is that they really really want.

Ok? Great..

Step #2: This is the important Step.. once you have completed Step #1 and you know who the 1,000 people or 100,000 people are… and you know what it EXACTLY is that they all want but don’t have already…
Step #2 is…. You sell them, what they want…   and that’s it.

You say “here you go group, all you people who want this thing, don’t worry I found it for you, I prepared it for you, I cooked it for you, I created it for you…(whatever) here it is. Come buy it from me here.”

Now you have a group of people who want what you’re selling. It does not get more fundamental and easy than that.

If you have something that people really really badly want, doesn’t that just make selling it to them a lot easier?

But here is the obstacle with that simplicity..

Knowing what it really is, that they want. Tuning into that part of their subconscious that maybe they haven’t even articulated yet themselves.. But when you do that, when you truly figure out what it is they truly deeply desire and would give up anything to get… you’ve got an amazing business on your hands.

Steve Jobs the founder of Apple Computers, creator of the iPhone among other things, said when asked about the iPhone and why or how he created that device… he said “How can you expect the customer to know what they want, if they haven’t seen it yet.

It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them. Steve Jobs

So Step#1 is not about asking 100 people “what do you want”.. It’s about understanding the 100 people and seeing PAST their first response, or their surface level response. And understanding what problems they are facing now, or what’s the big opportunity around the corner for them.

What do they reaaaally want or need.

Henry Ford from the Ford Motor company… you know, the guy who started Ford in America. He was the first (probably ‘one of the first’) to mass produce an affordable and reliable car. That may seem obvious now, that’s what people want to travel around in.. but back then. There was no such thing. This leads to one of the most famous business quotes in history and it came from Henry Ford himself apparently..

Mr Ford said:

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have told me faster horses.

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. Henry Ford

This rings true today as much as it did back in the 1920’s when he said it.

If you can look deep into needs of a large group and discover what they really really need, you’ve got it.
And it’s the reason why this is Step#1 of the process I just gave to you for free. It’s knowing what your customers want, and need. What is the best solution for them, for the thing that’s causing them the biggest hassle right now.

That’s the most important and hardest thing to figure out and get right for any business.

Think of all the businesses that have failed.. I’m sure there is a shop near you that opened and closed quickly. Go to the Quick Marketing Trick website and search for Episode 20, write in a comment there and tell me what business it is, and then lets ask ourselves… “did your suburb or city really need another… [fill in the blank]…?

If you can’t answer 100% yes to that question.. You’ll know why the business failed.

If you have an existing business.. You’re one step ahead. You have some of the ground work done. Suppliers, ABN, and some knowledge of your market. If you have customers or clients knocking on your door asking to buy whatever it is you’re selling without you having to do anything, then you’ve done it. The 2 steps are complete. Now just ask yourself how you can amplify it, assuming that’s your goal.

Here, I’ll give you another example.. Mcdonalds have something that people want. Fast, cheap, tasty food.. For a target market who are happy to eat it.  If Mcdonalds doesn’t float your boat, that’s beside the point.. They don’t target everyone.. They target people who eat it.  And so should you. You only need to target your target audience, I mean… why would you target anyone else right?

You will notice that Video and DVD Shops are closing down or have ALREADY closed down all around you.. Did the people who live around them need cheap movie rentals? Obviously not. Not enough people needed this service, and that’s why the business was likely forced to close down… not enough sales.
These video shops are now gone and life goes on, because there was not a great need for them in the community anymore.

If all the petrol stations closed down in your city… would that be a problem? Yes. there would be chaos.. A lot of stressed people driving around on empty, cursing and protesting to the local politicians to quickly set up some more petrol stations.

Can you imagine having to drive 1 hour from your house to get petrol? People who live in cities are simply not used to this.

How about book shops? When was the last time a bookshop opened near you? Do you and me need access to long and costly hard to consume information? No.. not generally..  we have the internet.

You might be a book lover, that’s great. But there was not enough of you in your community to support the local book shop, so it’s gone.

I’m trying to explain to you here the difference between what people think they want or need, compared to what is actually best for them, and of course what they will actually love, too.

And then, all you really need to do is offer to sell it to them.

Imagine just for a moment, that you had a hamburger shop.. On the edge of the desert. A man who was lost for 7 days in the desert, stumbles into your shop having walked 400km and having eating nothing and surviving on only the bottle of water he luckily had in his bag before he got lost.

So he stumbles into your Hamburger shop and near collapses… Would it be safe to say, this man would buy a hamburger from you?

Of course.. You could be charging $49 for a hamburger and he’d buy two.

Now ask yourself.. how close can I get to this example in my own business? The closer you can get, the higher your reward will be.

That’s the 2 Steps, to the Best Business in 2018.

  • Step #1: Find a group of people who need something badly.

  • Step #2: Sell it to them.

Complete them two steps in 2018 and you’ll arrive in 2019 in a much better position, if you’re doing ok right now. Imagine if your business was selling Hamburgers to people who were always starving, and who all loved hamburgers?

Don’t settle for a business that sells something that your customers could choose to live without, because it’s not really a necessary must have product or purchase.

I wish you all the best business success for 2018.

In the next post I want to tell you something that will help you get there. That will help you achieve these 2 steps.. We’ve just gone over. They go hand in hand, so I’ll cover that in the next episode.
Chat then.

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