Can You Believe This Unflattering Product Sells?

Welcome to todays must read article. This is a funny example of how EVEN a bad, totally unflattering product can sell.

Ok first off, I don’t watch a lot of TV anymore (I did before – a lot). I will however scroll through the TV guide on my LCD and see if there is anything I want to record. Documentaries, old school action movies, stuff like that.

But I must admit, if I happen to catch an Seinfeld episode, or one of the older Big Bang Theory episodes, I find it hard to resist if there’s nothing else that needs doing.

On one of my daily scrolls recently, I saw an ad for Scholl. Scholl is a global brand, from what I can see after a quick Google search just now while writing this, so perhaps you know who they are and what they do.

I saw a TV ad for one of their more “popular”, but in my opinion… unflattering products. Also I should note, as I’m writing this, it’s almost December 1 so Christmas is just around the corner.

So, I wanted to write this article, blog post, call it what you will… I wanted to write this for YOU if you think that your product isn’t that great, or is unflattering, or ugly for whatever reason. The ad I saw for Scholl was hilarious.

If they can market this product in the fashion I saw and make sales, you can market your product/service I’m sure.

I couldn’t believe what I heard. The ad came on, and the voice over said:

(I quote):

“It may not be your first thought for a Christmas present”.

This is Scholls own advertising for their own product. It’s hilarious to think that someone, somewhere signed off and approved this wording.

I can only assume that the product does actually work. Because I have seen ads for this over a decade ago, I’m sure! (note: that’s your biggest clue if an advertising/marketing campaign is working.. if you see the same ad for months, it’s probably working and there’s probably something you could learn from it. Unless they are bleeding money, which is difficult to find out).

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard, I made a mental to note to write about it ASAP and share it with you, so hopefully it gives you a bucket load of confidence to move forward with what you’re working on.

The ad was for one those hand held, dead foot skin, stone grinders. Do you know what I’m talking about? See the picture below..

Hold the small cylinder shaped stone against the bottom of your foot and grind off your dead skin..

Can You Believe This Unflattering Product Sells?

Beautiful isn’t it?

It’s safe to say that this product they were marketing is NOT the most glamorous product. Scholl obviously knows that. They had to point it out in their own TV ad! To try and get past that same very fact!

Everyone watching the TV, when this ad comes on is thinking to themselves “eww! I wouldn’t buy that for someone!”

And yet, here Scholl are.

So What Are You Trying to Sell?

I hope you got something out of this little lesson.

Some products aren’t sexy. It usually works to point out the flaws or the elephants in the room. Customers don’t like to think something is being hidden from them.

So instead of not mentioning, and having some of your customers think “they’re trying to hide it”, just point it out as soon as it raises its head.

Scholl is just one example.

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