Case Study with Facebook Ads

This is quick and short case study on a recent campaign I ran on Facebook Ads.

As you’ll see, I reduced the cost of running the ad by several times over. I halved the costs, and then halved it again.

Would that interest you?

Only YOUR COMPETITOR should set up one Ad on Facebook and cross fingers hoping they hit the bullseye.

I want YOU to know that the target is invisible. And you need to keep shooting arrows until you start hitting the sweet spot. Then you can load up the cannon and blow that target out of the range.

Facebook Ads Case Study

So I ran a test recently using Facebook Leads Ad (if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry. That’s not too important right now – it’s just 1 of the several ‘types’ of Ads you can run on Facebook.


To attract business owners to just take the first step and ‘get to know me’ so to speak. With the aim that days, weeks, months later we may have a business relationship. (I’m not going for the sale right away).


I put together bunch of my Podcast episodes into text format, and made it a ebook. Each episode is one chapter.

I advertised the free ebook on Facebook and I targeted Business Owners.

The ebook was available for free, if the business owner entered their name and email to get it.


The ABOVE is the first version of the Ad.

  • Version of Ad: 1
  • Targeting: Business Owners Australia Wide
  • Result: $14 per download.
  • Summary:  It cost me $14 to get one business contact – just one business owner to download the book.
  • Thoughts: This is not a good result. I had to improve it obviously.


Version 2:

Does it look like the exact same Ad?

That’s because it is. But there is something different:

  • Version of Ad: 2
  • Targeting: Business Owners Australia Wide + ONLY Business Owners who ‘liked/followed’ otheronline marketing gurus“.
  • Result: $10 per download. 
  • Summary:  I shaved 40% off the total cost! Awesome! I bet McDonalds wished they could reduce their costs by 40%
  • Thoughts: A 40% reduction sounds good. But $10 for one business contact, is still not good.


I had to get better results for this marketing campaign to be feasible.

If I got 100 business contacts at $10, that would be $1,000 cost. (I’m getting just their name and email – so it’s not like it’s a sit down consultation).

I know that I need better results, to get more business contacts for every $1,000 I spend. (The same rule applies for your business and you getting customers to sign up for your “Free Info Guide on *whatever”)



  • Version 1: Targeting Business Owners Australia Wide
  • Result: $14 per download/contact.


  • Version 2: Targeting the same as 1, but also saying only these people who ALSO follow “Famous Internet Gurus”.
  • Result: $10 per download / contact.


Ok.. now for Version 3:


The above is Version 3 of the Ad.

Version 3 is the first time I adjusted some of the wording. As you can see I wrote the as if it was targeted to Sydney business owners only (and it was!)

  • Version of Ad: 3
  • Targeting: Same as Version 2. But ONLY to those who were in Sydney!
  • Result: $3.91 per download. 
  • Summary:  That is a business changing difference for anyone. 

From $14to $10to just $3.91

Simply by making the Ad more specific, to the people who were going to see it (a Sydney Ad, for Sydney business owners), this got more attention.

Because the people who were seeing the Ad, paid more attention to it. Because it was all about them.

Imagine if you got sent to the Philippines for work (like I did). And whilst you’re living there, one day you see a sign in a shop window that says ” Are You Australian ? ” – Wouldn’t that stand out 2,375 times MORE THAN EVERY OTHER sign you’d seen in the Philippines?


Lesson From This Case Study

Want to reduce your marketing costs by 300%?

  • WRITE your Ad specifically to your target audience.
  • SHOW your Ad to your specific target audience.
  • GIVE your target audience something they’d especially be interested in.

I have a confession. I ran this marketing campaign ‘on purpose’. I knew how to get bad results. And I knew how to get medium results.

And I knew what to do, to get good results. But I wanted to run through the process, take some screenshots so I could show you also.

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