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In the last post I mentioned that getting a free copy of my marketing map would be a good idea so that when you listen to this very episode which you are right now, you will get a lot out of it. 

You can still get a free copy of the marketing map now, I think it will be best if you do. 

Just go here: to get instant access to the map. 

Then come back listen to this episode and also read through the map too after you listen to this while it is all still fresh. That will be a good way to get a lot out of it.

It’s not complicated, it’s not difficult to understand, but doing them together will help you get a lot more out of it. 

So, open a new window in your browser type in and get a copy of my marketing map for free. 

Ok, let’s get into it. 

It Took 15+ Years to Draw 1 Map

Over the last 15+ years I have looked under every rock, opened every door and personally tried out the majority of customer getting and business building ideas that the internet has to offer. 

You might now be thinking:

“Well, is this whole thing just for internet businesses?”

The answer to that is definitely not. The internet is the best tool to use in my opinion to grow a business whilst not needing to spend more time to do it, but my marketing map can be used without the internet too, as it should be. 

offline marketing

I believe that if my marketing map (or anyones marketing plan) could only be used on the internet, there must be something wrong with it. It would be flawed as a marketing map. 

There are some customer winning and marketing techniques that only work on the internet like Facebook Ads for example;

You can’t get customers for your business from Facebook Ads WITHOUT using the internet. But Facebook Ads is not a marketing strategy by itself, you USE Facebook Ads to activate and deploy your marketing strategy. But that’s a bigger topic for a future post, i won’t get started on that now. 

I have jumped in, invested and tried pretty much everything and I was able to get my hands on and then read the writing that was on the wall – to  see what works. 

You have probably heard the expression of “throwing enough mud at the wall” to see what sticks, I was able to create this marketing map because I was able to read the mud that stuck to the wall after years of throwing different types of mud. 

It’s as simple as that. I’m not overly smart. Medium results in school, very poor results in my degree which I failed some subjects of and never even finished it. So don’t think this could just work for me. 

If you haven’t got your free copy of the marketing map that I’m talking about yet got to . 

The Right Marketing is Universal 

If you want to attract the right customers and get them to hire you or to buy your product the process and the map are the same. You can change the vehicle and you can choose different stops along the way but the map is the same. 

If you hate the internet and don’t believe you can find your customers there, I’m confident I could probably change your opinion on that by delivering you some real dollars and cents results into your bank account. However, I’m happy to say that my marketing map will work offline too. 

Grab a megaphone and follow the steps I cover in my map and I’m confident you’ll still get results WITHOUT using Facebook ads (if that’s what you want to do). 

Simple Is Good (not easy) 

It will be easy to say that what I’m about to share with you is “too simple”. Or maybe you think that you have heard this before, and maybe you have heard parts of it before from somewhere else. 

Like I said before, this is 15+ years of me learning what works and moulding it all into one thing that can be rolled out in any business to get more customers, so maybe you have heard some of it before. 

What is most important and critical here if you want to finally get the results is the small details within the easy steps. 

I could have made this more complicated just to make some people happy, and to have them feel like:

 “ok yes, this must be great because it’s extremely complicated to understand and that means this must be the big secret that no one else has been able to figure out – ok yes, I’m onto this Einstein level secret formula now.”

My four step marketing plan is as complicated as it needs to be and I’ll be going over the steps in just a moment. 

When it comes time for you to roll these out in your business and get the results that you’re aiming for, you will quickly realise that it’s not Grade 2 level simple. There is some thinking and work involved, as there should be. 

Nothing worth it comes easily.

So if your initial thoughts are “this is too simple”, eventually you’ll change your mind and understand that getting it done did take some work.

There’s no magic pills here, and no magic tricks. Because there is no such thing. If there was, I would have found it because I put A LOT of hours and years into searching and learning this. 

There’s no secret button on the web that you can press to get 100 new customers overnight. 

If you’re wanting to click your fingers and instantly get 10,000 new customers, I am not the magical fairy that you’re looking for. 

If you’re still with me (after hearing that I’m not a magical fairy) you’re a smart business owner who knows good things take some work. 

Customer Mountain Map

Customer Mountain Map - Craig Marty


My marketing map is called “Customer Mountain” for short. If you want more customers it’s a good thing to make your product or service to be the Mt Everest in it’s category. This has nothing to do with the size or price of what you’re selling.

Mt Everest of course is the world’s tallest mountain but I use it as an example because it’s a household name and everyone one of it’s target customers ( who are ‘mountain climbers’) know all about it. 

If you have no interest in seeing it or attempting to climb it, it does not matter. Any product or service only matters to it’s target customer. If I was in the business of selling fruit juice I would NOT make fruit juice without the fruit because someone was allergic to it. I’d suggest they buy a Coca Cola or a bottle of water.

If I’m selling fruit juice, I’m only interested in attracting people who like fruit juice. 

I cover my thoughts and the description of my Customer Mountain map in more detail inside of the free map itself, so if you haven’t read it yet – read it after you finish this. If you haven’t got it yet, go to now, get a copy for free (it will be emailed to you immediately) and then finish reading this post and the map itself for a complete outline and overview. 

Four Checkpoints To Get More Customers.

Customer Mountain has 4 main checkpoints. These cover the path that every future customer of yours will follow from:

  1. Before they know you. To:
  2. Being your customer.

One customer may zoom through these checkpoints all in the one sitting and within just a minute or two, whilst others will take 18+ months up to several years depending on how committed you are to follow up with them… don’t worry I’ll cover smart and easy follow up here on this blog in the future I’m sure because it’s very important.

My question for you is which of these customers do you want? 

  1. Customers who buy right away. Or
  2. Customers who take 18 months to buy. 

The answer is “both”.

Because both of these customers exist in every business.  

The Customer Mountain Map provides the instructions on how to welcome in both of these types of customers with minimum effort from your side. Don’t worry, you won’t be calling everyone once a week for 18 months. 

Let’s go over the checkpoints shall we?


All your customers start their journey at ground zero, this is before they ever get to Checkpoint 1. Consider these people simply members of the general public who are going about their days, doing whatever it is they do. 

They will have needs, wants, aches, pains, desires and goals but when they are at ground zero you don’t know which one of these people will be a good customer for what you sell. 

Getting some of the general public from ground zero up to Checkpoint 1 will require you to get them to identify themself. If you’re selling surfing lessons, who of these people are interested in surfing lessons? Meaning, who from the general public are interested in surfing lessons?

If you’re selling wedding photography, who of these people need more info on wedding photography? 

When you have put out some feelers and got people’s attention for what you sell, they are now at Checkpoint 1, congratulations.  


The move from Checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 2 is subtle but important. It can be done easily but it can also be done lazily and done not well and not accurately. That’s how most people do it, unfortunately for them. They set themselves up for failure at the very start.

It’s worth mentioning here that your effort to get each checkpoint right will determine how many customers you get to the top of your mountain. 

(Being at the top of the mountain of course means that they are now a paying customer of yours.)

When the people who you have identified at Checkpoint 1 start to learn more about the nature of what you do and just a little about you also, this means they are moving towards Checkpoint 2. 

If you are selling surfing lessons they would start to learn here during this stage the basic overview of what’s involved. Just for example:

  • What times of year. 
  • What beaches.
  • What times of day.
  • Price range. 
  • What to expect. 
  • Etc. 

These are general pieces of information that can be provided to people who are interested in surfing lessons.

These people will also by default start to learn more about you and your business as you are the one giving them this information and answering any questions they have about:

  1. The beaches.
  2.  If April is a good month
  3.  If you’re available on Saturday mornings. 
  4. Just to name a few examples.

There’s a good opportunity to get to know each here (in a trusted way) while this basic information is being exchanged. 


Checkpoint 3 is even more subtle than Checkpoint 2 and it’s often missed and forgotten about. That’s why the majority of people who spend $100 on a Facebook Ad for example end up with very little to show for it. 

Some people will become your customers within two minutes of hearing about your product. That’s a fact. Some people, I should say the smallest group of people.. are just ready to buy right now. 

The majority of customers will not and that’s why Checkpoint 3 is so important. If you’re in business already you will know that there are a group of people who will enquire with you but don’t become your customers right away if ever. Checkpoint 3 will get as many of these people as possible to:

  • Not turn to your competitors. 
  • Not lose interest and forget about it. And to;
  • Become your customer. 

The important part of this is that you can do all of this without needing to make the weekly phone calls to follow up, to check in, to touch base and continuously hound them to become your customer. 

Remember that my goal is to have you work less, but still get more customers. 

Checkpoint 3 is critical to achieve this and like I said, it’s the step that most business owners forget about or never implement to begin with. 

It’s therefore no surprise that most businesses struggle to get enough customers and most businesses owners have to work overtime to get the minimum customers they need to stay afloat every month. That is no coincidence. 


When your customer has reached Checkpoint 4 you can celebrate because:

  1. You have a new paying customer. And
  2. You now get to help them with what they need. 

Moving people from Checkpoint 3 to Checkpoint 4 in a predictable way is achieved by understanding your customers and your market. 

Of course, some will just buy all by themselves just like they always have. This means that if you rely only on that, you will also only get the same amount of customers that you always have (because you’re not doing anything differently). 

Moving more and more people from Checkpoint 3 to Checkpoint 4 is where profits can double from where they were last month because most of the extra customers you get at this stage (On top of the customers you would normally get) are all likely going to be the “cherries on top”, right? 

Instead of having a business that breaks even or just scrapes by or is maybe slowly, slowly sinking, getting more people to become your customer for every 100 people that say “yes I’m interested” is where the numbers come in and it’s what can allow you to chase less and work less hours whilst still growing your business.

Getting More To Checkpoint #4

Getting more customers to Checkpoint 4 is simply about knowing what and when to offer to these people who are “on the fence” so to speak. Today you might email them and say (and these are just made up on the spot and for a casual example only):

  •  “We are having a buy 1 get 1 free this weekend if you’d like to take advantage of that – but it’s only until 9pm on Sunday”. 

Or if you were a jeweller you might say:

  • Our premium diamonds we ordered last month and sent you some information on are now down to the last few. If you would like to own one of the last few of these unique rocks, book in a time to come and see us today. 

Obviously outside of buying my wife’s engagement ring and shopping for wedding bands I know very little about jewelry, but the process is the same. For your business, you will know what makes sense at this step. 

They are the four checkpoints of my Customer Mountain Map. They are powerful, yet simple. 

If you have tried and tried to market your products and services in the past but have never been able to turn $100 of your marketing budget into $120, or $150…. I’m confident that one or possibly some parts of these 4 checkpoints from this marketing map were missing, and that’s if you realised it or not. 

What You’re Good At.

Imagine if I was to walk into your business and say:

“this whole operation looks pretty simple, you have those things over there, and these things over here…..Yep, it all looks pretty straightforward to me!” 

You would rightfully laugh because there would be a number of small details that I would be missing. 

The same is true I’m 99% sure if I was to review your previous marketing campaign, I would see the bunch of small things that were not done and that ultimately decreased your results to a point where continuing to run your Ads or do whatever marketing it was you were doing was not a worthwhile exercise for you. 

It’s not that I’m anyone special, it is just because I’ve been looking at these cases and situations for over 15 years. It’s easier for me to see the smaller details than what it is for anyone who doesn’t specialise in marketing and winning customers. 

How to Get The Most Out Of This Now

I’m really happy to have been able to share an overview of this map with you, it’s the best way to attract more customers and to convert more of them into paying customers – all with less effort on your side. 

If you do it right, the customers come to you when they’re ready and you process them.

Now that you have heard this overview of my Customer Mountain Map, you may have more questions and want more info, so I invite you to join me on my upcoming web class where I will go over the Customer Mountain Map in more detail. 

To join us, click here: , enter your details and you will be sent the information on the next class, what page to go to, how to access the class and all of that. 

It’s all online of course and at the moment it is free, so if you want more info about the Customer Mountain Map and how to roll it out in your business so that you can spend less time in your business and more time with your family.. Just go  and join in now. 

I look forward to having you in the class and sharing more of everything with you. 

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