Don’t Bother WITHOUT This

If you want to market your business on Facebook, here’s a lesson that will help.

In fact, knowing what I know, I wouldn’t bother without this. And I wouldn’t take on a client without this either. 

The good news is: There is only so many moving parts to marketing your business in general, and it’s the same for Facebook and Social Media.

I’m going to give you the first important item that I walk through with my clients for free, but I don’t want you to dismiss it as “something you’ve heard before”. It may very well be, but often some people (not you of course) can think because they’ve heard it before and that means:

  • they don’t need to do it.
  • or it’s old news.

The majority of people and I was one of them, are so focused on finding the next thing. And the next thing after that.

oh something new is out, well! I better go learn all about that RIGHT NOW!” – even though I was half way through figuring out what I was working on!”

(I’m talking from personal experience here, I used to be KING at doing that!).

So the thing that I wanted to either introduce or re-introduce you to here is the undeniable, non-negotiable, must have strategy and mechanism for flooding your inbox or your customer management system (CRM) with new, targeted sales leads.

Imagine a Westfield Shopping Centre with all the shops open for business, they are fully staffed. They all have loads of stock on hand and in the warehouse.

But there’s NO customers! 


All the shop owners lease out a space at Shopping Centres because they know people are going to come in. And not only people, but “people who are looking to buy something”.

Wouldn’t this be great for your business too?

This is the first thing I usually walk clients through, and it’s called “getting sales leads”.

The tool you do that with is a Lead Magnet. This is the thing you might of heard about before. But if you don’t have 50-100 interested people being introduced to your business every day, you don’t have a good Lead Magnet.

Just like a fisherman needs the right bait, to catch the right fish. That’s a whole other story.

Sales Leads Are Not Customers

Business owners need to Put Sales Leads and Paying Customers into 2 Different Buckets.

Before growing a business to levels I assume you’d want to grow your business to (not just paying the bills), you will need more than just the normal amount of customers walking in the door every day.

You will also need MANY MANY enquiries. An enquiry and a sales lead are the same thing.

The most effective way to have thousands of sales leads every week is to have your industries equivalent to the cure for cancer. If you have this, it’s a no brainer. Your customers will flock to you. 

But it’s not always possible to have this.

So in place of that is a Lead Magnet. Your Lead Magnet can be almost anything, however, the Lead Magnet you are probably most familiar with are the “Download Your FREE Report Here” type.

When you download a free report on whatever it is you’re interested in, YOU are now the Sales Lead of that business.

Here are some other Lead Magnets:

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Quote
  • Free Sample
  • Free Access to Training
  • Info Sheet
  • etc.

If you’re not obtaining the contact information of the people you provide a Lead Magnet to, it’s not a lead magnet. It’s just free information.

If you are not offering lead magnets and collecting the contact information of these people when you’re advertising on Facebook and other Social Media platforms, I believe that your success and growth is going to be limited.

Yes you can make some sales.

BUT! You will only ever make sales to people who are both:

  1. Ready RIGHT NOW!
  2. Aren’t already influenced and won over by your competitor.

This is why a Lead Magnet is so important and why it’s something that I market a business without. Because it allows you to capture the attention of a larger group of people. ALL of whom are likely to buy what you’re selling soon.

But instead of having 23 people who are ready to buy right now and who haven’t already been influenced by your competitors, you might have 1,000 sales leads who are just one step away from being ‘ready to buy now’. AND YOU GOT THEIR ATTENTION EARLY! 

Isn’t that more powerful?

What would you rather:

  • 23 people who say “I’m ready to buy now – here’s my money”? Or
  • 1,000 people who are at the stage of “I’m thinking of buying but I have a question first..”?

How many of these 1,000 could you turn into sales? 100?

It will depend on a lot of factors, but here is something that I have seen to be true, the longer you work with them an nurture them, the more you will get.

Your 1,000 sales leads will become customers at different times. Some will become paying customers within 24 hours. Some will become customers within 7-30 days.

You will still make sales from this original group of 1,000 sales leads in two years from today. If you respect them, nurture them, and generally help them along their journey to being ready to buy whatever it is you’re selling.

Having a sales Lead Magnet in place is one of the first things you need to do.

I can help you with this, and then I can help you with the next steps also of making sure the right people are getting your Lead Magnet and becoming paying customers.

Check out my Advanced Course on Facebook Marketing HERE (not currently available), if you’re ready to go all in with marketing your business on Facebook.

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