Elon Musk Makes $1.9b With 1 Tweet

Elon Musk Just Wrote 1 Blog Post About taking Tesla Private. This Grew His Wealth By $1.9billion dollars.

Firstly, I really like Elon Musk. So let’s get that out of the way.

Time is precious and over 99% of people online and offline, are only repeating something, someone else said. So I choose my “idols” carefully.

This is also a story about the power of having an audience. Maybe it’s a blog for you, or a popular Facebook page, or a popular cafe. It doesn’t matter.

True Fans = Value. 

So Tesla the electric car company is a public company. Which means it is listed on one of the USA Stock Exchanges. People can buy stocks, sell stocks and invest with Tesla.

I won’t get into the details of this, but I will say that there are pros and cons to it. Which Elon Musk just blogged about.

He wrote this blog post and then his share of Tesla increased. Because current and new investors liked what he said in the blog post so much, that they decided “Tesla is a great company, I want to buy more shares!”.
When “too many” people think like this, the cost of every 1 share increases – because more people want it (just like a house price at an auction).

The share price increased so much that Elon Musk’s slice of the Tesla Share Pie increased by $1.9 billion dollars.

Now, let me stress. The word “billion” gets thrown around a lot these days and I think the true size of this number is belittled. So I searched for a picture to help show you what the difference is between

  • $1 million dollars. and:
  • $1 billion dollars.

Here it is..

What $1 Billion Dollars Looks Like:

What 1 Billion dollars looks like

(image source)

To most people, the dream of $1 million dollars is big. It’s huge. It’s life changing as you hear. With house price averages around the 1/2 a million dollar mark on average now in Australia, you might say actually I need $2-$3million for it to be life changing – so be it.

But take a look a the picture above on the left, that’s what $1 million dollars looks like, if you shrunk it down. And it’s shown next to a human just to help understand it.

Now look at what $1 billion looks like. 

It’s not a little more. It’s not 10x more or even 100x time more. It’s a crazy amount more!
It’s not 200 x more than the $1million pile on the left.

Not 800x time more. It’s still more than that! 

Now do you see why this is such a big deal?

Take your pile of million that would change your life. Don’t times it by 10. Times that amount by ONE THOUSAND, now you have $1billion.

And Elon Musk just made two of them with one blog post.

But What Does This Mean For You and Me?

When I write a blog post, I don’t make $1.9b. And you won’t either.

But imagine for a moment, that every blog post made you $100. Could you sit down to write 10 blog posts a day to make $1,000?

Or how about hiring 10 writers, to write 10 blog posts a day in your name, to earn $10,000 a day?
If you can write a blog post and make one dollar or one hundred dollars, that means you have a following.
You have enough people who follow you, and you attract enough new followers every time you blog to make up for the ones who don’t read everything you post.

In Elon Musks case, he has a lot of followers. On Twitter which is his main platform, Elon has 22 million followers.

So when he wrote the blog post, he first shared it on Twitter.

That’s how the news spread so fast. And that’s why the stock market reacted so quickly, and in this case – positively.

Your loyal customers are a valuable bunch. At the time of writing this (AUG 2018), I personally don’t have the number of loyal customers that I’m looking for. But I’m growing my number every day, so follow along and take some notes if you want to copy what I’m doing.

Note: I spent close to a decade helping other companies build THEIR following!

Elon musk has done this before. He has posted a link to HATS, for people to literally buy $20 hats a for a company he owns. He sold 35,000 of them and made $700,000 (USD).

A few months later, he posted a link to a ‘short range’ Flamethrower. He sold 20,000 of these and made $10million dollars (USD). Yes I’m serious! Read more about that here later.

He has a big following.

This is a lesson in the value and power of having a following.

You don’t need 22 million followers like Elon Musk has.

What would 500 active followers do for your business? This would be made up of people who like you, like your business and actively follow what’s new with you. Therefore, if you post a new picture on your Facebook, you’d have 500 people stop, look at it and also read the blurb to see what it’s about.

If your new picture was about your new product, you’d have a bunch of the 500 active followers buy it, and others share it with their followers.

I’m not talking about 500 non-active “followers” who scroll straight past it.
Any business can have a following. 

  • A following can be a list of email subscribers who you write to once a week.
  • Or Facebook fans.
  • Blog readers.
  • Or good old fashioned regular customers who come to your cafe at least one a week, if not once a day!

Have a think about this today, how can you sell your products and build a following at the same time? Or at least:

What are you doing now to build a following?

One of my plans now to build a following for myself (I’m not going to list them all now, because that’s a bit cheesy) is this very blog that you’re reading now. It’s not going to happen overnight, but every week a handful more of ‘frequent readers’ are added to the group, and that snowballs and compounds overtime.

I’ll only be able to make money from this blog, if I continue to offer good services and products – and I’m ok with that.

I don’t believe it’s enough to build a following and then offer them something unrelated or something very low quality. That will lose followers, not gain them.

If Elon Musk didn’t have 22 million Twitter followers, would a single blog post make this much money?

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