How to Advertise on Facebook (Part 1 of 3)

Welcome to this exciting 3 part series.

I’m a ex UNI dropout… (never did quite finish that degree did i…?  And LUCKILY i can say now!)…  also an ex corporate prison worker… in the Call centre industry..

But now, I’m here writing this blog and running this business on Marketing … what gives, right?

That’s what 10 or so years in the trenches gives us… some good results.

I’ve got something that is always highly sought after… But! You already know what it is because you’ve read the title of this episode!

In fact! You’ve already read the title of the Next 3 Episodes!  

This one, is the 1st part of a 3 part series on How to Advertise on Facebook.

It’s the holy grail of marketing online of course. Facebook and it’s equally comparable brother.. Google. But for now, this will all be about Facebook advertising.

So of course, listen to this episode 1st.. Before you read part 2 and 3 or this.

This 3 part series is going to be best for anyone who has not yet been able to get Facebook Ads to work. And that means.. If you have been unable to cash out more… than what you spent on ads….

So for example.. If you’ve spent $100 on Facebook Ads in the Past. If you didn’t make $100 or more back.. This is for you.

There’s lots of people… I mean lots of people who say they know how to advertise on Facebook. It’s almost like bragging rights… “ oh I advertise on Facebook”.

But when you dig down and ask a few more questions…  yeah they whack their credit card $200 at a time… advertising on Facebook.. But if you ask a few more questions about their conversion rates.  Or Their exact Return on Investment… you’ll find it was Money out… and less  money in!

Ok, so why the 3 Part Episode on Facebook Advertising.. Here’s why.. I still snoop around on forums, Facebook groups , etc, places where business owners and individuals who want to make money online hang out, ask questions, share answers and ideas, etc.

It’s always good to keep your ear to the ground. I do the same thing even still up to this day.
This is not an uncommon story, I could’ve picked out any one of the common topics that pop up in these groups…. But the other day a guy pops up and asks.. “ I loaded my ad up , it’s a great deal.. They get a free whatever…”… my budget is $100 … but Facebook hasn’t spent any of my money yet.. It’s already been 4 hours!”.

What this means is… he said to Facebook “here’s my ad”, “here’s permission to spend $100..”.  “ go for it!”
His issue is that Facebook hadn’t spent the money yet.

Now to me, the Answer is obvious. But this question and similar questions pop up all the time. So I know there’s a chance you have this same question.. Or will have it once you start dabbling with Facebook Ads some more.

So this 3 part series is all about just levelling the playing field a little bit. This isn’t going to hurt my company.. Or the revenue we make. This is actually basic stuff… something everyone should know. So i’m just trying cover what I see as the basics… that’s why you’re getting this for free.

Ok so here’s how it’s going to work..
Part 1 is…   Your Ad.
Part 2 on the next episode is..      Your Target Audience..
And Part 3 will be all about: Your Budget and Results.

Start with this episode of course, and move on to Part 2 and 3 which will be released shortly after.

Part 1… Your ad…

There’s a couple of key rules for your ad itself that are most important… but before I get into that.. I’ll advise you to go and read the Facebook Advertising Guidelines on their website, just google “Facebook Advertising Guidelines” and you will find it. Before starting you need to know what is and isn’t allowed on Facebook..
So assuming that you have read that..

The TWO Main Key Rules for your ad are as follows… if you master these two rules… you’ll be ahead of 90% of other people who advertise on Facebook.

Rule #1.   It has to grab attention, but at the same time not look like an Ad.   
The best Ads on Facebook, don’t really look like Ads. They just look like you would see in the Facebook newsfeed at any given moment.

An ad that grabs attention has a powerful image. Not a Glossy, Perfect, Studio image.. Just a everyday image that grabs the attention of eyeballs as they scroll past.

The other part of your Ad to grab attention is the words itself that you’ll write. Especially the first 1 sentence at the top, and the Headline itself.

Writing words for Ads is an art form in itself. Here are some tips:

Focus on the problems your customers or clients are having. And then move into the benefits, or the outcomes/ end results… that your customers or clients can have after they buy or use your service… whatever it is you’re advertising in your Ad.

Also.. Tell your personal story. People enjoy reading personal stories on Facebook. Or tell the story of one of your customers. Their before using your service, and after using your service story. (just don’t use a BEFORE and AFTER photo… especially if you’re  a personal trainer, because this is NOT allowed on Facebook).

Finally, when writing your Ads… you will always focus on the BENEFITS… and not the FEATURES… That is so so so oversaid… but … few people get it .. at its most basic level. Just live by the rule that “features are not allowed in ads”, and you’ll be ahead of the pack.

Rule #2 for your Ad is…

It has to tell the person reading it… what the next step is… This is your “ CALL TO ACTION “… like every good ad is.

An example of a Call to Action , would be where you say: “ Quickly submit your number here on my website (and you give the link)… and I’ll call you asap”. You’re telling them how to take the next step. How to take action.

Far too many ads leave this out. I guess they just assume customers will take it upon themselves to know what to do… anyone who does that is probably halving their results before the Ad even goes live.

This is an abbreviated version, but it’s also the straight to the point NO BS version of what YOUR AD itself should be and do.

You’re not going to get it perfect the first time… you should be trying 10 different images to see which one gets you better results.

You should be writing 10 different blurbs for your Ad… to see which one gets the best results… and then pair that with the best image …

Oh! Here’s a tip with testing different words for ads (known as “ad copy” in the marketing industry) and also for testing different images…

If you sit down to write 10 different ad copies …. Try your hardest to make them all polar opposites. 10 completely different tones, messages, and personalities.  Minor changes or shuffling around the same content won’t have a big change..  But 10 different styles, language and angles.. As if they’ve been written by 10 totally different people from 10 different walks of life will hand you 1 better result… one of your multiple personalities is going to be more profitable for you!

The same thing with images, test 10 totally different images, but make sure they all fit it into the rule I mentioned earlier.

That is Part 1 of this 3 Part series on How to Advertise on Facebook. It’s high level, straight to the point, but one thing it is not… is “too simple”.   You might be thinking… “ that’s it!?” , “that sounds too easy”… or “it must be more complicated than that”… let me tell you that in theory what I just said is simple, yes I get understand.   But in practice, you’re going to have to have a few shots at this.

I challenge you to get it right on your first go… if it’s “so simple”.

Be sure to email us your results and be proud to show off if you get it right.

In a few days from now we’ll be loading up Part 2 of this series.  I’ll be sharing with you what I think you should focus on when it comes to your target audiences…. When you’re choosing WHO you want to see your AD on Facebook..

You can choose the age range, the gender, the city, the post codes and if they like Coca Cola or Beyonce. And any variation of that….

In the next episode I’ll be saving you a lot of time and energy. Helping you avoid one of the big mistakes people make when advertising on Facebook. Especially , ESPECIALLY if you’re planning to spend $50 or $100 … here and there. And even up to $1000..  It will be important that you follow the tips on Audience selection in Part 2 of this How to Advertise on Facebook Series.

This 3 Part series could save you a year or more of testing and wasting money trying to get Facebook Ads to work.

Alright, that’s it for Part 1… I’ll chat with you again very soon… with Part 2 on How to Advertise on Facebook.

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