Facebook Launching Dating Service

The first thing to do is check the calendar and make sure it’s not April Fools Day. Now that you see it’s September, let’s talk about the BIG news that Facebook is launching a new dating service.

Facebook Launching Dating Service.








Earlier in 2018, I posted a article that cemented my opinion about Facebook. I said that Facebook is here to stay, and this news confirming their strategic move into dating – only confirms my view.

Why Would Facebook Move into The Dating Industry?

Don’t think about it as Facebook changing direction. Think about it as Facebook deciding to own another industry.

They did it with Instant Messaging when they bought WhatsApp for $21billion AUD ($19b USD).

There are now MORE messages sent online then there is text messages sent across the globe, and guess WHO is at the heart of that?

Facebook also did it with Photo Sharing when they bought Instagram.

Relationships aren’t going anywhere, and therefore dating is not going anywhere. If you’re 35 odd years old or younger, there’s a 99.98% chance that your life is on the internet. If you’re above 35 the percentage is still high.

Knowing this, and coupling it with the average age of someone who is looking for a date, it’s a perfect match for Facebook.

Facebook has already looked at the numbers believe me, they know how many of their users are single and looking for love online. Believe me, they know.


When you have over 2 billion customers like Facebook does, you don’t have many competitors.

eHarmony, Tinder and any other internet based dating services don’t have 2 billion users. Yes they have their existing users, but how many of them will CHOOSE to continue to use TWO Apps when they only need one of them? And because they use Facebook for everything else already…the non-Facebook version will eventually get dropped.

The same thing has happened with Desktop and Laptop computers VS Smartphone sales. Why would someone continue to update and buy a new laptop when they ALREADY can do EVERYTHING they need to from their smartphone?

Look at the decrease in Desktops and Laptops. And also Tablets since their recent peak in 2017.

Desktop sales Image Source.

Now have a look at smartphone sales:

Smartphone Sales

Image source.

So, why will someone continue using Tinder, eHarmony, Match.com or any others when what they already use every day (Facebook), does the same thing? (and will likely do it better because of their better technology and knowledge of their users).

HOW Facebook Will Launch Into Dating

The news is fresh, and details are not 100% complete or released. But I expect that, if you’re looking to find a date, love or both, Facebook will help you by:

  • Not telling or showing any of your EXISTING friends that you’re involved with their dating section. EVEN IF they are ALSO using it!
  • Not showing your dating profile to anyone who you’ve blocked. (ex lovers, stalkers, your old Boss, etc).
  • Being very very good at suggesting matches for you, based on what you both liked. Imagine if:
    • You went to Sydney City last year for New Years eve, and so did someone else.
    • You commented on The Bachelors (tv show) last update on facebook, and so did the same person who was also in the city for New Years.
    • You’re 28, and this same other person is 31!
    • You’re not showing as ‘in a relationship’, and nor is this other person! 
    • You live within 25kms from each other!
    • You love Thai Food! And they frequently check into Thai Restaurants!
    • You comment on and are passionate about the environment.
    • And you guessed.. so is this other person!

Now imagine all that, multiplied by 101 other scenarios. Would a potential match be “somewhat accurate“, at least?

I predict the accuracy of matches and the amount of “coincidences” these two people discover on their first few dates will be more “freaky” (in a good way), then what it is a failure.

What Does ‘Facebook Dating’ Mean for Businesses and Marketing Pros?


Besides a BIG REMINDER that you should continue to focus on Facebook. Because Facebook is focused on keeping their users on their App and Website.

The more time these people spend on Facebook, the more opportunities you as a business owner have to connect with your target customers, and to help with them whatever it is that you help your customers with!



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