FIFA World Cup and Facebook Marketing

I’m not a huge soccer fan, I don’t know any of their names besides the few “famous” faces that have made their way off the soccer field with endorsements and ads.

But I love watching two top class teams compete, no matter what sport. And I realised WHY I like it, is very similar to how Facebook marketing works, and how any successful marketing strategy works.

It’s the same with the Australian Rugby League (or NRL if you’re a local reading this). Clients, and new people I met will ask that question; “who do you follow?“.

For years the answer to that has been:

I don’t really follow anyone, but I like to watch certain players“.

Of course, the players I like to watch are all in the top 10 in the NRL.

Let’s look at the FIFA world cup. Right now it’s being held in Russia and SBS are broadcasting all the games after an embarrassing technical oversight by Optus. I was watching Portugal play Morocco (from memory), and obviously I don’t know anyone on the field except for Cristiano Ronaldo. To be 100% frank, I don’t care about him personally. I’m not going to read his biography, but what I do know about him is that he is worth about $400million . Great for him, right?

The Portuguese side as a whole, when you combine the players net worth is reported to be over one billion dollars. It’s the same with the French so I’ve heard and others too.

So when I sat down to watch Portugal play Morocco, I was thinking to myself “lets see what one billion dollars gets you”, when you channel all that into winning a soccer a game.

Yes, I realise these dollars don’t just go to one game, but in that moment when they are all on the field and it’s country vs country in the FIFA World Cup, that is a lot of expensive hired skill.

I guess what I’m trying to tell you here is that, ALL the business behind Soccer (“football”) has maxed out in that moment. The games I’m watching, and maybe you’re watching them too are the best games that money can buy.

To me, there is something to that and there’s a lot to be intrigued by.

It’s the same with Basketball, although I don’t watch it (I need to choose my distractions these days!)

I’m watching Cristiano Ronaldo line up a penalty kick, he is taking in some deep breaths, settling his nerves and focusing in on one swing of his leg, so his foot strikes the ball just perfect, millimetre perfect. And I can’t help but think “there’s $400 million dollars behind that one single kick.”

These kind of moments are what I’m talking about:

Facebook Marketing and Online Advertising is Similar

If you deconstructed a Soccer team, or any top player of any sport, you would find there are 10 or however many key components of their game.

If you look at a successful marketing campaign, there are only so many components as well. This is great, there’s only so many things that you need to focus on.

Components of Your Marketing Campaign

  • What you’re offering your customers.
  • What your advertisement says about what you’re offering.
  • How you get people to take action, to find out more or to call you.
  • What you say when they call you, or what your website says.
  • And so on.. 

When your marketing campaign returns a $1,000 profit. That’s a $1,000 marketing campaign.

When your marketing campaign returns $54,000. That’s a $54,000 marketing campaign.

So, how do you get a million dollar return?

You need a million dollar marketing campaign. 

If you want to win the FIFA World Cup, you need a team of players that can do it.

Your successful marketing campaign will come down to this single moment, when a possible customer has their finger hovering over the mouse button – or hovering over their smartphone screen, and they are deciding “am I going to click this or not?”.

That is your penalty goal moment. Everything you have learnt about marketing your business, and marketing it online in this example, will come down to that millisecond decision of someone you are trying attract.

How much money and experience you have behind that moment, will most likely determine it’s success. Unless you’re the 0.001% that stumble into success and get handed a golden ticket for being in the right place at the right time. I decided just to find my own years ago.

Should have Roger Federer, Cristian Renaldo stop practicing when they were 12 years old and waited for the next world cup or tournament final so they could go out and score the winning point?

No, that’s not possible. 

Are you expecting to have one or two attempts at marketing your business on Facebook and having it turn out to be a 300% ROI marketing campaign?

It’s more possible than making it to a grand slam final when you haven’t practiced since you were 12, but it’s still very unlikely.


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