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You’re about to invest some money into giving Facebook Ads a go. Congratulations. It’s milestone moment I know. A small leap of faith.

But before you throw $50 to $300 at Facebook, and sit back for 24 hours and see what happens, I strongly suggest you learn the very basics first.

Imagine if you had never seen a car before, and you and your friend were standing back outside the car and just looking at it.

Your friend turns to you nervously and says:

“You should figure it out”. 

The only thing you both know about it, is that this thing somehow gets people from where they are now, to wherever they want to be. And it’s fast. Really fast. You’ve never seen one in action before, but you’ve heard a lot of people talking about their stories and where they were able to get to.

Now YOU want to experience it. You want to benefit it from it. But you’ve only heard stories, you’ve never actually seen someone use it, nor has anyone ever given you a lesson.

Your friend has named you as the person to figure it out. Where would you start?

Your first idea wouldn’t be to open the doors, because you’ve never seen a car before. There’s no reason to think you would know that this big metal thing has doors.

Would you:

  • Jump up and lay on top of the car, and slap it like you would a horse? Hoping it would start moving?
  • Or would you pull on the exhaust pipe thinking maybe that would get it moving?
  • Or maybe you would flick the antenna a few times to see what that does.

Even if you did learn the door handle and you did get into the car the key hole would be one of the last things you’d find.

The reality is, no one including yourself should expect you to to know how to drive this thing – if you’d never driven one or seen one being driven before.

This Is How People Approach Facebook Marketing

They think to themselves ‘i’ve never done it before, but I’ll give it a go’.

And to some degree that’s great. It’s a great way to learn.

But I have a book that you can sit down and read within 90 minutes that will teach you all about:

  • The steering wheel.
  • The accelerator (and the speed limits!)
  • The indicators.
  • And the break pedal.

Wouldn’t this make for a smoother, safer and more successful first experience? 

You can order a free copy of book on Facebook ads and marketing below.

This book was written for people like you who had either:

  1. Tried Facebook before but failed at it. Or;
  2. Never tried Facebook marketing before, but wanted to.

So it is not a complicated book. Anyone who could read, and who can turn a computer on would know how to understand it and how to follow the few steps that I recommend in the book.

In this book there are:

  • Step by step instructions on getting your website ready for Facebook Ads.
  • Tips and warnings for setting your spending budgets correctly, so you don’t overspend. 
  • Screenshots of important sections of the Facebook Ads manager that you will see on your computer when you are setting up Facebook ads – I explain what they are and what they mean.
  • I show you the different options you have when you select which Ad choice you want to use. 
  • I also show you which Ad I use for my company 95% of the time – and why.
  • Plus there are 18+ other insightful TIPS that I want anyone to read before they spend their first dollar on Facebook. These are just things you should know before getting started, and helpful tips to know once you’re already started.

Facebook Ads Marketing Book

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We are still giving away this book on ‘How to Get Customers From Facebook Ads’ for FREE! But this won’t be a forever thing.

You can search for “Craig Marty ” or the book title on Amazon now and buy it for $17 USD on Amazon if you have one (the ebook reader device – like an iPad) or $24 to get the  the physical paperback book in the mail.

(see the screenshot from Amazon below)

Note: we changed the title of the book – but the inside is EXACTLY the same. 

Book about Facebook Marketing


We won’t be giving this book away for free forever. So right now you can either get the book free from our website by clicking HEREwe just ask you that cover the postage and the book itself will be free.

Or you can go to and search for “Craig Marty” there, and you will see the book.

Some people prefer to buy from Amazon and that is ok. I understand. Amazon does charge us fees to list the book there, so that is why we can’t give it away free on the Amazon website.

Either option you choose, you should have your book in your hands within a week. Like I said earlier, it’s a quick and simple read.

It will be a very well invested 60-90 minutes of your time to read it and set up things the way I suggest before spending your first $1 or $300.

There is simply just some basic things, that you should organise and set up first (and some warnings you should know too), before giving Facebook your money to spend on Ads.

Enjoy the book!

Any questions, just post below or email us. 


Craig Marty

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