Good at the WRONG Things.

I used to be really good at all the wrong things.

There’s been too many “that’s awesome” ideas to remember, over the 12 or so years that I’ve been in this online-business world.

I’m talking about online business ideas that I was SURE would be the next big thing.

Have you had these “light bulb” moments too?

One of my ideas that I’m happy to tell you about, because I’m moving in a total different direction now anyway. So here is one:

I had an idea for an App on your phone, that you could choose how many times per hour or day you wanted to be alerted.

As you went about your day, if you were close enough to a shop/business that was having a sale or who had an awesome deal they were advertising, the app would alert you on your phone with details of the deal.

You could then:

  1. Ignore it. Or:
  2. Read more info. Or:
  3. TAP a button to get directions to the business!

You’re welcome to run with this idea, just send me a cheque for 5% after it takes off 🙂

I’m not interested in the idea anymore because the years have taught me this: “More ideas don’t equal more money.”

In fact, the more good ideas that you have, I’d say that’s more of a problem than what it is financially rewarding.

Would you bet me that there are MORE people with lots of ideas who never reached their goals, than what there are people who just followed one idea and who DID reach their business and financial goals?

That’s what I’m talking about here.

Hopefully now you can tell I’m joking when I say I was AWESOME at coming up with new ideas! Because this isn’t a good thing!

I only really ever started to “make it”, and get to a position where I could quit the day job (working for someone else’s company), when I stayed focused on one main thing long enough so that I could clear all the hurdles that come up with ANY idea worth following.

When you’re starting a new business, or just running with an idea, the obstacles and hurdles are going pop up in front of you.

  • Problems with the website you have designed. 
  • The guy designing your logo might rip you off.
  • Facebook rejects your page because you broke a guideline that you can’t find written down anywhere. 
  • It seems like customers don’t want what you’re selling.
  • You need to reinvent your marketing and positioning of your product. 

If you’re in business now, or if you have an idea now that you want to double down on. I can help you advertise this on Facebook.

See how I can help here.

Just follow the formula.

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