Gurus Are NOT Telling the WHOLE Truth.

Have you ever seen the online entrepreneurs, post or say something like, I just made 10,000% ROI.. or, I just spent $100 on Ads.. and I made $100,000 in just 30 days!

Have you ever seen that? Well, I’m about to explain to you.. Why that’s not the whole truth…
Before we get into that, let me hammer home here that nothing you hear on this episode or any episode should be taken as a guarantee or promise of earnings, or the possibility of making any money at all.. If anyone makes that promise.. Start running for the hills!

If you’ve ever worked with me or my company.. If you’ve already got a copy of the book on Facebook Ads.. the first thing I say is: “THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES!”

Think about it.. If there was a magic button… that someone could just press online and they get $10,000 a day, 100% guaranteed without failure.. Do you think they would ever tell anyone? Do you think they would sell it?

Or would the deploy that magic button across every industry and niche across the globe and make a Million Dollars a Minute?

Getting anything to work takes practice and tweaking.

If you drive a car now.. You can probably get from A to B perfectly safe and fine.. 99.9% of the time. Now, that’s a pretty good guarantee that you’re going to achieve something. Imagine if you could pick the winning Lotto numbers with that amount of accuracy. But driving somewhere with 99.9% accuracy wasn’t always that easy was it?

If you learnt to drive in a manual, you kangaroo hopped that thing down the street a bit didn’t you?
And your Mum held on for dear life for the first few months..didn’t she ?

But now, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you can get to the cafe to get breakfast and a latte using your car.
So anyway, back to what I was talking about… there’s no guarantees with online business.

If you’re trying to sell cereal bowls with decorative holes hand carved into the base.. You’re probably not going to sell a lot… or any. You can chalk that one up as another idea tested and failed.

You have to be offering something that a big enough group of people want. Still there’s no guarantees, but at least you’re one step closer.

About the people who advertise on the web saying they made 10,000% ROI in 30 days.. Here’s a few things they are not telling you..

a). It’s not their first rodeo.
b) They’ve been working at it for 2,3, 5 years. And the big lie they tell is..
c) If they made $10,000 today. They likely spent $5-$6k yesterday.. To warm up the audience or customers. But they won’t show you ‘yesterday’. They only show you ‘today’.. When the cash rolled in..

To help explain how this is being hidden.. I’ll quickly go over the 3 different types of audience that exist both offline and online.. And in any business and any industry. And it’s crazy important that you know this anyway..  You might of heard this before.. But here it is again (i don’t think anyone including me, can hear and remember this enough), the 3 types of audiences are:

  1. Cold Audience. These people don’t know you or your business.
  2. Warm Audience. These people know you, or they know OF you and your business.
  3. Hot Audience. These people have enquired with you, got a quote, visited your ‘order page’ on your website, and have or ARE considering buying what you’re selling right now.

When you see a Entrepreneur online guru who says they made 10,000% ROI… firstly if it’s true… it’s because they spent a lot of money focusing on a Cold Audience, and then the Warm Audience… Meaning, they spent a lot of money advertising who they are, what they do.. Etc, to the Cold and Warm Audience.

And then finally…  the only numbers they’ll usually show is…

The last small investment, to have the Hot Audience finally say yes.. It costs less for step, than what id did for warming up a cold audience. Because the audience have already been explained the details, when they were in the Cold and Warm stage.

Does that make sense?

It’s like saying you drove from Melbourne to Sydney in 1 hour.. But you only started the stopwatch when you were approaching Wollongong.

Making this money is great of course. And it is possible to have huge returns on money spent on advertising, but usually you are not getting the whole picture of what has gone on..

This kind of makes it hard to know what you should do, doesn’t it?

That’s why I’m here spilling the beans, and showing you a little more of what goes on behind the curtain.

All the lead up work, ground work.. Audience testing, Ad split testing.. You’re not seeing the hundreds of dollars that was spent on an early version of an advertisement that went out to a Cold Audience.. And had  very little response… so they killed that Ad after it wasted $200… They are not going to show you that when they are trying to hype something up.

Can I repeat something again?

There’s no money making guarantees offline or online.

If it was really that easy, everyone would be doing it.

I hope if you’re listening to this episode, you’re someone that is willing to chip away at your goal, knowing that every mistake will take you one step closer. Because that’s how it works.

If you’re looking for a way to make 1 million dollars next week, there’s nothing on this website that can give you that result.

There’s also nothing anywhere, that can give that result. Big results are possible, massive pay days are possible, working 1 hour a day and earning more money than ever before is possible.

It’s just not a button that you press once before going to sleep, and wake up tomorrow having achieved it.
I hope that from this episode you’ve got that behind every success story, is months and years of preparation. If you’re willing and ready to put in the work.. You’re going to be steps in front of everyone else who will keep looking for that magic button.

I will speak with you again soon.

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