How to Advertise on Facebook (Part 2 of 3)

Hello everybody. Welcome to Part 2 of this 3 part series on How to Advertise on Facebook..

If you have not read Part 1… go back and read to that now. It’s not long, and it will help explain what this is all about… and then come back for Part 2…

The final part in this series, will be Part 3… that will be loaded up just a few days after this episode. And it will be Episode number 14..  But before we get there, make sure you’ve listened to Part 1 and 2 in order.
It will help tie this all together.

Today, in Part 2 of ‘How to Advertise on Facebook’… we are going to talk only about Your Target Audience..
When you set up an ad on Facebook… Facebook will ask you… “ who do you want to see this ad “. If you already know that… you won’t be surprised… if you didn’t know that.. This should be revolutionary!

This is extremely powerful, and it’s one of the reasons why Facebook has grown to be arguably the most important platform on the internet… to advertise your business.

Here is an example of how specific you can get when choosing who will see your Ad…

You can target a Man.. after 50-55. Who lives in rural towns. Not men who live near or in Cities. You can target a Ford man.. Not a Holden Man. Someone who is a high income earner, and is married.. And on the weekend, he watches his favorite NRL team… the Brisbane Broncos. Oh, and if you need to target people who have a Android phone and not an iPhone.. No worries, you can choose that too .

That is why Facebook is powerful. It’s a one of the many reasons anyway. So if you want to narrow down to your audience, keep listening and keep learning about Facebook.

If you’re reading and listening to a lot of info about Facebook Ads.. you’ve likely heard the so called gurus out there.. Say things like “ you must have a minimum audience size of 500,000 people”…

Which means by the time you chose your age range, the gender, the location, and if like McDonalds or not… (for example).. You should have at least 500,000.

That was the number couple of years ago… The number you’ll likely hear more often now is 1 million to 2 million.

I disagree with this. And I’ve put in the months, the dollars and the tests to prove it.

There is no audience too small. Except when you get down to 100 or so people, Facebook will warn you and say… your audience is too small..

This is because Facebook want you to spend money, that’s number 1… but also… maybe not all 100 people will refresh their newsfeed … at the same time you’re advertising…

So your ad won’t be shown to all of the 100…

The only Issue with having a small audience… be it 4,000 , 10,000 , 100,000, etc, is that you will exhaust them quicker. It does not take a long time for your Ad to be shown to 10,000 people… and after a group of 10,000 people have seen your Ad on Facebook a few times… if they haven’t signed up by then.. Or bought your product by then… they probably won’t.

So once you drill down to your perfect audience… and they all start seeing your ad one by one.. The amount of your audience who HASN’T seen your ad.. Starts to decrease..

Hopefully at first.. You’ve had some good results from your ad. But once everyone has seen your ad once, twice or however many times it takes…  the good results of your ad have started to turn into bad results.. This means you’ve probably exhausted that audience.

But first before we go on….How else could you know, if you’ve exhausted your audience..?

  • Your cost per 1 sign up… increases more than what it was in the early days… and it’s now too far away from being profitable for you.
  • In your facebook results there is something called FREQUENCY… if your FREQUENCY number says 1.1… it means.. The people who Facebook has shown your ad to so far,  have seen your ad 1.1x. If it says 3.0… that means they’ve seen it 3 times. And so. There is no right or wrong number for Frequency.. As long as your cost per customer is still ok… AND ALSO… more importantly… as long as your FEEDBACK score is NOT highly NEGATIVE… you can find this out by going to your Ad Results… clicking on the CUSTOMISE’ column… and ticking the NEGATIVE and POSITIVE box… so that result will show up for each of your ads also.  For a picture of how to do that… I’ll include it on the website.. To see it, just go to quick marketing trick and search for Episode 13 .  I’ll show you the steps to checking your Frequency and Your Positive and Negative Feedback.


Step 1. Go to your Facebook Ads Manager (where you can see all your ads)

How to Advertise on Facebook 1

Step 2. Right Side.. click “ Columns “ drop down .. then go down to and click ‘Customise Columns”

How to Advertise on Facebook. Click Customize Columns

Step 3. Here you can tick to show Positive Feedback, Negative Feedback, Frequency.. And other things if you want..

How to Advertise on Facebook 3. Positive and Negative settings.

After choosing what you want to see for each ad, go back to see the Stats for your ads… move the bar along so you can see more info on the right side. Here you will find the amount of clicks, the cost per click (CPC), and the new fields you’ve just selected.

So what do you do if you’ve exhausted one audience… Here are some things you can try..

  1. Simply changing the image in your ad, can get the attention of those in your target audience who previously missed your ad last time.
  2. You can retarget the same people again who maybe clicked on your ad > went to your website > but didn’t sign up, or buy… or do whatever it was that you wanted them to do.
  3. Put your thinking cap on, and choose a different audience who will also be a match. Here’s 3 examples of how you could broaden your audience..
    1. Maybe you can branch out to different post codes, cities or states.
    2. Often we think that only one gender wants what we’re selling so we only target Males for example.. Maybe you could try targeting the Female Partners of Your Male Audience.. So they can buy it as a birthday or Christmas present.
    3. Maybe you were too restrictive on the age… You selected 20-30 . Maybe try choosing 31-35 now. And even 36-40. You should be testing your assumptions.

There’s no real right or wrong answer.. I’d encourage you to test an audience before assuming they won’t be a good match.

There is more to audience targeting.. But if I tried to cover everything, the episode would be a couple of hours long. These are the basics, so make sure you get them working, before you paddle out to the deep end.
If you want more info on Facebook Ads and everything else related to Marketing, Online Business, and sales.. Save to this blog and or enter your email address somewhere here on this website to get more info.

The next episode is Part 3 of this series on How to Advertise on Facebook.. I’m going to cover one of the most common questions people ask after they get started… these are questions like..

“What should my budget be?”
“How much should I be paying?”
“Is this a good result?”
Etc, etc.

Part 3 is all about Your Budget… and also your Results… I’m talking about the outcome of your campaign.
This will help you with some guidance on what to look at, what to concentrate on… and also what not to get distracted by… this is what’s being called the “vanity metrics”.. For example… “oh wow 100 people liked my ad!” – who cares… this is not a good way to determine if your Ad is good or not.

We’ll go over all this in the next post.

By the time you’re listening to this, Part 3 will likely already be there! So, you can go and listen to it now.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting together for you.

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