How To Be The Flower, Not The Bee.

5th June, 2018

From: Sydney, Australia.

This is a different exercise for every business owner. Take a moment to think about your target customer. If you were in a room with 10 different business owners who were all working through this exercise – you should all have 10 different pictures in your head.

The better you can picture this person, the better you know them.. the more they will come to you and your business.

When I do this exercise with clients, it’s a transforming moment for so many reasons.

Stop thinking about your customer, and now think about your partner, your wife/husband, or think about your brother or your best friend. Question: How well do you know this person?

When it comes to their birthday or Christmas, you can probably buy them a present that you KNOW they are going to love and use all the time.

And you can only do this, because you know them so well. You’ve spent time with them, you’ve talked with them, listened to them. And sometimes it’s more about knowing what they REALLY want, over what they say they want.

Now imagine if you knew your target customer this well. Your business and your products would be like a flower, and your customers would be a bunch of bees – always coming to you!

How would that change what you’re forced to focus on every day?​​​​​​​

Talk soon,

Craig Marty​​​​​

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