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If you read the last post you might remember I said I was inside the car, outside the shopping centre. My wife was inside doing some shopping. So I was getting some thoughts down on paper while I was waiting for my wife to finish doing that.

The news is..

I’m still here. I’m still in the car and I finished up pretty quick, so I thought I’d keep my head down and work on this next post that I had planned.

The funny thing is, the previous post was very structured.

This is not an overly brilliant trick. A lot of people do something similar. If you are in a business where you want to continue to talk to your customers and clients. If you want to continue to teach them and share with them little bits and pieces as the weeks roll on inside your business, a podcast and blog like this might be a good option for you.

You could choose to talk first if you find that easier, which I don’t! I’m not a natural talker and that’s probably obvious in a lot of audio and videos I have out there. So I usually write something first because I can type fast and the info comes out pretty quick and then for me, it’s easier to talk and recording something I’m reading.

But for this post, I’m typing blind with no pre-written agenda. So please forgive me if I jump from topic to topic because I have’t prepared for this one.

Like I said, I’m still in the car and I have a new book coming out. I’ve sent a couple of emails out to my small list of email subscribers. I’ve emailed these people (maybe you’ve got the emails) a couple of times already about my new book, it’s all about “OFFERS”.

I’m talking about a marketing OFFER.

With the clients that I consult for and business owners I talk to, I find that when they are trying to sell their product or their service to a NEW audience (emphasis on the NEW – people who don’t know them), this is the point where they usually realise that they need some help, maybe you are in the same boat?

A lot of business owners can market and sell to a customer who has done business with them in the past. This is the same for someone who really needs what they are selling – this is where most sales are made in every business.

If you have been in business for many years, your phone rings or your website gets visitors without any advertising because your businesses name is already ‘out there’. These are WARM > HOT customers (remember, “COLD” are people who have never heard of you or your business before).

When marketing to a cold audience, this is where business owners usually realise they need a bit of help with their overall marketing strategy. .

When You’re New to Marketing Your Business

When you put an advertisement out into the world and it says something similar to:

“Come in and buy my *whatever*, I’ll give you 10% off the ticket price!”

It doesn’t matter what you are selling, if you are selling:

  • Dishwashers.
  • Candles
  • Gardening services
  • Your book
  • Personal life coaching.
  • Stock trading
  • Personal training

No matter what it is, if you go out to a COLD audience with a blanket advertisement be it on Facebook™, radio or wherever and you say “come and buy my thing for 10% off’…”

What you will likely realise is that you might get one or two sales quickly, but then you might not have any more sales come in for a while.

Perhaps you will then spend an extra $100 – $200 to try and fix this problem. However, you spend that extra money and you realise that there is STILL no more sales coming after the first quick and easy two. This is where a lot of business owners end up.

It is not because of what you are selling, it’s not because of your product. This is just generally how marketing works. This isn’t a new problem, it’s the most common problem people come up against.


When you market your service or product like I mentioned above, you are simply just selling what you are selling. Does that make sense?

If you’re selling dishwashers, your ad pretty much says: “buy a dishwasher.” In my opinion, this is not packaging your product in the best way.

The solution to the problem is what they don’t know (obviously). I didn’t know it either when I was getting started trying to market other peoples products online to make some small commissions – this is not an easy concept to discover nor understand!

But this solution that I’ll cover here also is NOT new. I didn’t invent this (believe me!)

How to Market a Product to Get More Sales

When it comes to selling a product, it takes more than just selling it!

This is where “OFFERS” come into play. Instead of just selling someone on your ‘product’ – I suggest selling them an OFFER. I’ll get to what OFFERS are soon.

But let me first say that selling 100 people an OFFER – vs – selling 100 people your product will end up with more people likely buying the OFFER.

What is an OFFER?

The funny thing is that an OFFER is a little bit difficult to explain.

It’s very difficult for the easy explanation to click enough or to sink in enough to a level where you (and me, and everyone) truely gets the meaning of it.

If you’ve been listening to other marketing podcasts, reading books or watching YouTube videos, you’ve probably come across OFFERS before. Maybe you heard someone say:

“If they are not buying what you’re selling, it’s your OFFER.”

But if it was the first or even the fourth time you had heard this, it probably fell on deaf ears. I’d heard something along those lines said countless times, before it sunk in for me and before I really started to think about what an OFFER was.

It’s not easy to explain and there are not a lot of single dedicated pieces of information or resources that have been created and prepared solely to explain what an OFFER is.

Fast forward several years I found myself explaining this OFFER concept to people repeatedly and I thought that surely there must be a book written about this, a book that I can buy 10 copies of and have them on hand when someone asks about OFFERS.

So that I could just hand them a book rather than spending a couple of days working through the concept with them and helping them build an OFFER (which no one can do anyway unless they are a client of mine).

I searched Amazon and there are a few books on this topic. I didn’t want to have them all sent to me and be tasked with reading them all, so I read the reviews. The reviews had a common theme, the reviews of these books I found said things like:

“Some good info, but not a lot of detailed information on OFFERS.”

This made me decide that I should put something more detailed together on this topic. I’ll tell you where you can get a free copy of my book here later.

In short and to put it simply, an OFFER is a ‘good deal’.


If you’re advertising Carpet Cleaning. you could create an Ad that says

“I’ll come out and clean your carpets for $40 and give you 15% off”.

That’s a very generic but very common thing that people say in their Ads (no matter what the industry or product).

But this is just the service. It’s not really a good deal. When a marketing professional or consultant talks to you about a marketing OFFER they are talking about marketing something that should be a very good deal / or should be a NO BRAINER for your customers.

If you were in the Carpet Cleaning business, one example that I just thought of now off the top of my head is:

“I’ll come out and clean one room in your house, for free!”

Does that sound more compelling than what usually gets advertised? If you clean one room for free, it’s unlikely they’ll say no to having the other rooms cleaned either on that day, or in the coming months. You now literally have a foot in the door and a relationship to maintain and grow where there was none yesterday.

Here’s one of my examples:

I have a book on Facebook advertising and I give this book away for free. People who want it just need to cover the shipping and handling and the book is in the post on the way to them and theirs free.

Giving away a book like this is an OFFER. It’s not a fantastic or brilliantly creative OFFER because it doesn’t have to be. It’s just a small item, it’s a book. The Facebook Ads book is an OFFER, because the Ad is not saying: “Buy this book on Facebook Ads for $27.”

The bigger the THING you’re selling, the more of a NO BRAINER your OFFER has to be.

So when people hear or see your marketing campaign about your OFFER, they should think to themselves:

  • “Wow that’s an awesome deal, I’m going to get that!”. Or
  • “I’m going to enquire about this now”. Or
  • “I’m going to get more information!’

OFFERS get more responses.

An OFFER should not be a difficult thing for someone to say yes to. A free book on Facebook marketing, isn’t really a difficult thing for people to say yes to. Therefore I don’t have to go over the topic with creating a crazy big OFFER for the book.

But if I was selling a much more expensive item, let’s say that I WAS selling a dishwasher or a car, or a fridge+freezer combo. I might say to a customer “Buy this fridge and freezer, and I’ll give you a $100 voucher to spend in my store anytime over the next 12 months. PLUS i’ll give double your warranty on this item for free!”

This isn’t necessarily a great OFFER, plus I haven’t tested it. It’s just an explain to try and explain what OFFERS are.

If I was selling a car, I might say: “Six Months Petrol Free With This Car”. These are bigger OFFERS for bigger ticket items.

Does this make sense? If you have a question, write it below in the comments.

What I Did Next

So I locked myself in our house for three days, I literally didn’t leave the house for three days. Just so that I could put my thoughts together on what an OFFER is and how they best work.

I wanted to make sure any book I wrote on this topic had a very natural flow and it was easy to read from page 1 to the last page and understand everything in-between.

I thought through examples of what a GOOD OFFER is and what a BAD OFFER is. I thought of real life OFFERS that I can reference in the book, one of which is an OFFER I currently have running. I also created a FAKE-EXAMPLE OFFER and put it in the book, so that I could add everything and then break it down. I covered what I included in the example OFFER, and WHY. This is one of the big things missing from most information about OFFERS, and WHY have an OFFER at all? I covered this all in the book that I wrote.


To get a free copy of this book that I wrote on OFFERS…

.. just go to: 

TAP there, or CLICK there… and you can get a free copy of this book, but I can’t guarantee that it’s going to be free there forever, here’s why:

  • Right now I’m working on building my profile in the marketing world more. Usually I work behind the scenes and help clients grow their businesses.
  • But I’m stepping in front of the camera more so to speak and working on raising my personal profile. That’s why this book is free at the moment.

There’s no catch though, I’m not saying that you have to become my client if you get this free book 🙂

Most people who get this book, I won’t be able to work with anyway for several different reasons.

This is not a long book either, I wasn’t concerned about filling up the pages to make it look big. I only wanted to include everything that was needed to explain the concept of OFFERS in good slow detail, but nothing more that wasn’t needed.

It would probably only take you 1 – 2 hours (depending on your reading speed) if you sat down and read it without stopping.

I strongly suggest and urge to you to read it a second time or a day later later too. For me, this is how something new really sinks in, I might think that I’ve understood it (and I have) but it’s always the second or third read that makes things click and fall into place.

When I was learning these concepts about marketing a product, getting sales and making money, these concepts didn’t truely sink in until I had heard them many many times.

You’re only doing yourself a favour if you read it twice (it won’t benefit me if you read it more than once).
Ok so before I wrap up:

  1. TAP HERE: 
  2. Enter your details
  3. And get a free copy of the book.

If it’s not free when you get there, sorry you missed the boat – but you will be able to see there what else I have on offer for the book.


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