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My secret guilty pleasure is food, I can’t get enough food. Thai is my favourite but that’s probably a story for another day.

Besides food which is the obvious one, when I have some spare time outside of family life (which rarely happens these days), my guilty pleasure is marketing stuff. I really can’t get enough of it. 

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve spent seventeen years learning marketing, how to do it, how to attract customers and how to win customers or if I do enjoy it, maybe I’ve just tricked myself into liking it….and maybe that’s the only way to actually like something? Let’s not go down that rabbit hole today but I do remember my old highschool music teacher telling us something about a buddhist belief that to fall in love with something requires you to only simply obsess over it… or something like that. 

ANYWAY, moving on.

Last Saturday, both kids had gone to bed. My wife had gone to bed too, putting our youngest to sleep who is 1.5 years old now. I was laying down next to our 3 year old son, he was fast asleep, I put in my earphones, opened youtube and started searching for old marketing videos.

It’s YouTube, so pretty much no matter what you’re searching for, you’re going to find it, and it’s no different with old marketing videos.

The old stuff is the best. It’s where all “today’s” lessons and principles come from. 

I searched for “Dan Kennedy” who is my go-to. If you’re really into marketing like I am, you may know some other full-time, marketing professionals who teach it as the main part of their business. Well, ALL these people learned it from people like Dan Kennedy. 

These old pro’s mastered marketing when there was no internet, so bringing their methods online works much the same. There is no such thing as “internet marketing”. I’ve been guilty of saying that “I’m an internet marketer”, but as the years and lessons came and went I now believe there is only marketing. You can do marketing on the internet, just like you can do it in a newspaper. 

Personally I like to go to the source as much as possible with everything I do. I want to be able to summarise Dan Kennedy’s lessons myself, rather than take notes and summarise from someone else’s summary – does that make sense?

I forget which video it was. If I could remember it I’d link to it here but I’d been watching video after video and lost track, which happens with YouTube – I’m sure you’ve realised that. Have you ever sat down to learn something important on YouTube and 60 minutes later you’re watching a comedian or old clips of your favourite TV shows? Yes, it happens.

Dan Kennedy said something that I want to share with you now. This is for all business owners. No matter what stage you’re at. The quote is:

“At first you get paid for what you do, then you get paid for who you are.” 

Dan Kennedy.

This was a really powerful lesson for me to hear (again – I’ve heard him say it before). But it hit home again last Saturday because I’m moving away (again) from completing the hands-on work for clients and moving towards teaching my method for businesses to roll out and implement themselves. I might talk more about that in the next episode.

That quote again is: 

“At first you get paid for what you do, then you get paid for who you are.” 

Dan Kennedy

I feel that most business owners need to stop, hear this and let it sink in at all levels.

This quote has a few layers of meaning that are very powerful to hear. If you’re running your own business or if you’re responsible for getting results for the business you work for, this message is for you too. That’s why I’m here spending a whole article to talk about it. 

Here’s a secret for you. 

I need to learn (re-learn) this too. I need to hear it again. I need to have it sink in, over and over again. Sometimes I catch myself too far off track. I catch myself too far away from these fundamentals. Like I said before, I’m moving away from completing marketing services for my clients, therefore this is a lesson that I’m really trying to cement in too. 

So, if you’re marketing your business, your product or your service you may say things and write things like:

“We’ve been in business for 20 years and are trusted by all clients”.

(99% of business owners)

This is trying to get paid for WHO you are, it’s…

Getting paid for what you do.

Maybe you’re on the same journey as I am looking to package up your skills and consult or train others…(or maybe you’re just trying to get more customers for your business). If you’re trying to attract consulting clients, you’ll need to make sure you get paid today for what you do.

People will then know WHO YOU ARE and that’s when you can offer the consultation. 

Here’s that quote again from Dan Kennedy:

“At first you get paid for what you do, then you get paid for who you are.”

Very often (and I’ve been guilty of this too), we try to get paid for who we are even though the customer or the client doesn’t know who we are yet. There are a lot of little ways to close that gap but either way, they are going to need to know who you are and why they should hire you. 

Ideally they will know who you are before you are trying to get paid for who you are, in other words; before you try to get paid to consult for them or to give advice.

I talk a lot about having a great offer for your clients, a service, a package, a product, a bundle… Some offer that they can see are easily worth the amount you are looking to charge them. This part of the transaction is called your “offer”, or what you’re offering. In fact, I wrote an entire book about “Offering What You’re Selling So Customers Can’t Refuse”. 

Having a great offer will help you get more customers. This is an important first step (of course). You will be able to get paid more often for what you do. You will get paid for that awesome offer that you’re offering to your market. Now AFTER you’ve done that enough, people will come to you because of who you are. Maybe they are a past client, or maybe they’ve just heard about who you are because of what you’ve done. Is this making sense?

You could call this being a celebrity in your field. 

If you sell and install the most pools in your city, you could walk through the shopping centre and not have anyone recognise you. If you were to walk into the 2022 Exhibition for Pools and Spas in your city, more people would know you – because of who you are. 

When you’re a celebrity in your field, people will pay money to hear your advice.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “your reputation precedes you”, maybe this is where it comes from? People already know you and they don’t need to be sold.

Let’s look at the extreme right side of this example to hammer this home.

Michael Jordan earned $94 million as a basketball player. But he earns about $130m every year from Nike (from his sponsorships) because of who is.

Roger Federer won $130 million in prize money over his entire career from winning tennis. But he made $120 million in just one year because of who is (from his sponsorship deals).

In 2022 Christian Ronaldo will earn $32 million from playing soccer and will make $55 million USD in 2022 from sponsorships.

These are extreme examples, yes. But just 1% of Ronaldo’s sponsorship deals would be $550,000… and just 10% of that 1% would still be $55,-00. Bringing it closer to home still sounds worth it, right?

If they weren’t good at what they did, if they weren’t known for what they did, they would not get paid just because of it. 

I was laying in bed with my earphones in, watching this Dan Kennedy video when he said that line so I wrote it down so I could spend the time reflecting on it. I wanted to write this article and share it with you. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this and maybe it’s not the first time for you either but it’s one of the fundamentals to remember when you’re trying to get paid to consult or paid to give advice. 

How can your customers and clients know who you are?

Do they have to have done business with you? The answer is no in my mind. I think the bottom line is to do enough of what you do so your reputation will precede you. They will know of you, or know you very well (I guess the better they know you the better) before they one day are offered a way to work with you. 

For me, I still work with clients today. Helping them get more customers for their business. These clients sometimes refer me to other business owners they know and I work with them. Sometimes it’s a complete service I provide, sometimes it’s a paid consultation to help develop a marketing strategy for their business. That is one way I try to make my reputation precede me – to use that term again. 

I also write long pieces like this on my website. People do find and read these pieces. I need to do more of it myself. I need to be more consistent with it so that a bigger and bigger pool of people can know who I am BEFORE I make an offer to them which would see me getting paid for who I am.

I hope this is making more sense now for you. If it’s not, please submit a question below in the comments.

Like I mentioned before, I’m packing up my process of what I do and will be offering it to business owners. It only makes sense that the more people who know me BEFORE sending that email with that offer inside it, the better the outcome will be in terms of sales. 

This will mean something a little different for different people. 

If this hits a chord with you, do me a favour and copy the URL of this article and post it on your Facebook profile and tag someone who you know will get something out of this too. The more this is shared the more people will learn this same principle for themselves. 

Alright, until next time… be well and we’ll talk again soon.

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