How to Sell Your Knowledge

Don’t Teach Your Info, Do This Instead.

There’s major growth in the information selling industry. It was big 10 years ago, and it’s only getting bigger.

The irony is, I also play in this information selling field! When you charge someone money to teach them how to do something, or how to understand something, you’re selling information – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Books are also information selling, so this is not a new thing created by the internet crowd.

You could also argue that “consulting” is information selling. So if this is you, if you’re going to be exchanging information you know in good detail (in any form) for money, this article is going to be a good read for you.

When I started trying to make money using the internet, I didn’t really get it.

Just saying “make money using the internet” is a giveaway. I was ignoring the fact that the internet is not a thing that you need to figure out how to extract money from. It’s not a vending machine.

The internet is simply just a place for real people to share what they know, and to search for what they want to know. That is putting it real simply. But at a 10,000 foot view, that’s a pretty good breakdown.

This is probably not news to you, but if you are good at something (and anything!) the internet is a great place to sell what you know, how you do something, how you achieve something.

Like I mentioned earlier, I do this too. My book on Facebook marketing, my second book on getting customers and marketing in general – this is basically me selling information. Now I believe that this information is FANTASTIC, so I have no issues whatsoever charging money for it.

And nor should you. If you believe the same thing about what you’re good at.

This article is covers just one (but powerful) tip on how to sell what you know.

It’s the same for Facebook, it’s the same for all Social Media marketing. And it’s the same if you we’re going to KNOCK KNOCK on peoples doors and sell what you know, I believe you’ll find it a lot easier to teach what you know, when you create your own framework to support it.

Have you ever been in a training session, or you were listening to someone and they said something like:

“Here is my BOOM Principle” 

  • B = whatever.
  • O = something else.
  • O = the next thing.
  • M = the last step.

Know what I’m talking about now? About putting what you’re teaching into a framework?

I obviously made up the “BOOM Principle” on the spot right now as I’m typing this – you’re welcome to steal it, if BOOM fits into whatever it is you’re doing.

Teaching With Frameworks

They’re memorable. If you know what I’m talking about with this whole ‘framework thing’, it’s probably because you can remember someone doing it, or maybe you had to run a training session at your old job and these frameworks where scattered all the way through it.

People and companies use Frameworks because they make the information you’re teaching easier to process, and easier to remember.

In my advanced Facebook marketing course named after this very website (the Social Formula), I included Frameworks in a lot of the 18 Modules.

They weren’t frameworks that I always worked through every day, step by step when putting together my marketing campaigns, PRIOR to making the course.

But when it was time to put the course together, when it was time to organise my thoughts and knowledge on the subject, I knew I had to create frameworks so it was easier to teach, and easier for the client to follow.

Marketing Frameworks

When it comes to marketing and selling your information, or selling your consulting services, you can also consider how you can market your framework.

Besides marketing your service and saying “Your Business Will BOOM With Me In Your Corner!”, you might want to think about how differently your target customers might respond to your marketing if it was to say something like “How My 4 Step BOOM Principle Grows Businesses”.

Can you hear the difference in that?

You’re marketing no longer says “pay me“, you’re marketing is now teaching your target customer something that will still market your very service.

See the difference now?

This is a powerful transition.  You’ll start seeing and hearing this all around you now. 

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t done this too well for my own personal brand, so far to date. I’ve been lucky enough where I have not needed to, but watch this space because I’m working on something that is going to tick this box.

I wanted to plant a seed for you, to think about this. How can you sell your Framework and what your Framework will be. And also I wanted to think through this thought in more detail for myself, so typing this out for you is actually helping me just as much.

“Framework” is being used loosely. Replace this with any of these:

  • Method
  • Principle
  • Concept
  • Idea
  • Approach

And it’s the same thing for the purpose of this article. Whatever you want to call it, doesn’t matter to me.


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