I’ll NEVER Stop Doing This.

I’m not talking about marketing or running my business – that’s a given.

I’m talking about probably the single most important thing a business owner can do, if they want to even just maintain their business.

You’ve heard the stories about big businesses that dwindle away to nothing, like a sand castle in the wind?


  • Myspace.
  • Kodak.
  • Compaq.
  • Blockbuster.

But what if these companies consistently tested new ideas.. What if Kodak was one of the first to test cheap digital cameras on their customers?

Rather than trying long after and too late after big players like Fuji and others did?

Do you think Kodak would have noticed this up-swing in trends and begun to transition their print out photo shops to digital services?

If they had of tested it, they would’ve HAD TO seen the trend. Unless they ignored the facts, which is possible – but a whole other story.

I’ll never stop testing. And nor should you.

There’s two important times to test everything:

1). When you’re starting – to find out what will work the best. And;

2). When you’re established – to find out what will work best next.

Even if it’s 2% of your budget, just throw 2% ideas out into the world and when one of them ideas takes off or “goes viral” – you’ll know you’ve caught a trend.

Something I’m going to test is in the coming weeks is moving some marketing efforts further up stream. This means, I won’t be marketing to business owners who need help with their marketing.

I will be marketing to business owners who haven’t yet jumped in the marketing pool – they’ve probably thought about it but don’t know where and how to start. And that’s the point I’ll enter their world.

And I’ll be only trying to to first help them with understanding the options.

My company already does a bit of this now, but this is a more concentrated test.

If it works, the strategy will be highly valuable to the company and to me also.

If it doesn’t work, I’ll still be glad I can tick of that single approach (not all of them) off as “tested and failed” – that just improves my chances of winning with the next test!

It’s possible to run two tests at the same time. Here’s what I mean:

I will also be attaching this new logo to everything that I am doing further up stream, where I am more so just helping business owners out and introducing a helpful guide, or video.

This is basic branding.

See my new logo I had created for this below.

I will then be showing and testing this logo again when these people are a little further down the stream – or in other words: a little further along their path of being ready to learn more about getting more customers for their business.

Will having familiarity with this logo as well as my name increase my results?

If you believe in branding, you’ll say yes. 

If you don’t, you’ll say no. 

But the only correct answer is:

Whatever the results tell me! 

That’s WHY it’s so important to test things out, to look at the black and white facts and throw “opinions” into the depths of HELL ! where they belong.


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