Is it a scam?

It never ends. Facebook scams are the new blog post scams. Which is the old email spam, which are the old real life, in person scams.

It’s a vicious cycle. 

The things that annoys me the most is that people who don’t know any better – and who are wanting to work hard and commit to making a success of themselves, they are the ones likely to get the most hurt by this.

Here’s a recent example. June 23. 2018

is making money online a scam?

I didn’t have to look far.

I’ve covered his name and face, because I’m naming and shaming the entire scam, not one person who might be doing it to cover his sick wives medical bills (wild guess – and I hope not for their healths sake).

A quick refresh of Facebook on one of the groups I keep an eye on and here we have it. A Facebook Spammer guaranteeing a minimum of $3,000 per week. Not good! 

Not ethical. And not possible. 

It’s possible to make that amount in an hour, but it’s not guaranteed. There is no guarantee that it could be done in 24 months, not to mention 7 days.

But What if It Was Possible?

Well that would be great wouldn’t it. How long do you think it would stay a secret for? Good fortune and news like that would spread faster than pigeons escaping a cat, but let take a guess here:

  • Is your brother doing this? Is he making $3k a week with this or ANY “online system”?
  • How about your neighbour?
  • Your office mate?
  • That lady you always see in the grocery, scanning barcodes and packing bags?
  • Are you?

Don’t think you would have found it by now?

Trust me on this, I WOULD’VE FOUND THIS YEARS AGO! I didn’t “make it” online easily. In fact, out of 100 successful business owners who you might select at random, and who get the majority of their money from the online world, I would be in the bottom half when we look at “who made it the fastest?”

I was open. I was over 12 years younger than what I am today, and I was hungry! There was not one ‘online rock’ that I didn’t flip over, look under and smash to see if there was anything hidden inside.

I tried it all. 

However, this is what I found to be true: There are no guarantees in business. Besides these:

  1. Yes you can start a business. And
  2. It’s not going to be as easy as you think.

There is no third guarantee there about money or earnings.

BUT! What If..

Yes I know, it would make everything easier wouldn’t it?

And that’s why this kind of spam and scams still get so much air time online. Because the thought of it, is good enough to keep people wanting it to be true.

Therefore, the people posting this stuff to try and get someone to sign up and pay the “set up fee” always seem to have an audience.

It’s still a vicious cycle. 

If you really want to imagine that it’s real, just imagine this:

Imagine that throughout my 12+ years of working online and setting up online based businesses – that I found this magical unicorn. Imagine that I came across it, in a secret blog somewhere, and I set it all up for myself!

Why would I tell anyone about it? 

Wouldn’t I quietly duplicate it, and duplicate it, and duplicate it some more until I ran out of industries and markets to make a profit from it?

Think about it:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Make money online
  • Acne
  • Dating
  • Gambling
  • Accountants
  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Health
  • Insurance
  • Home Loans
    • and the 1,000 sub markets in each of those industries mentioned above!

(I feel dirty just writing this stuff on my website).

Let’s call it 200 “sub markets” / or “sub industries” just to be conservative (even though there’s lots more). If I or any ONE (just 1) of the 7,000,000,000+ (seven billion!) people on this earth found a way to have a guaranteed money making system like this – and I didn’t tell anyone (because why would I – that’s your other clue – when people are telling you to do it), and I quickly and quietly rolled it out to all 200 sub industries..

At a guaranteed $3,000 per week, 200 multiplied by $3,000 now puts $600,000 in my bank account every single week!

And the best bit..? It’s guaranteed! Right? (wrong!)

But why stop there? Every industry has 2 or 3 top companies or providers, right? Who all compete with each other?

Because it’s guaranteed, I may as well OWN all the competition too! Let’s say I duplicate this system just another once and I am now the ‘Top 2‘ businesses/sellers/providers/ in every industry. Well now I make $1.2million guaranteed every week.

That’s $62.4 million every year.

And luckily it’s guaranteed! Because I’m already planning what famous landmark and football team I’m going to buy!

Next time you’re asking yourself:

  • “Is it just spam?” Or;
  • “Is it a scam?”

Just ask yourself “why would they be telling me about it?“. And if it was real, “why don’t they just do it all for themselves?”.

It’s not impossible, and it’s also not guaranteed. 

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