Luckily I Did This Easy Thing

A bit of a back story: I used to work for a big company in Sydney. After working for them for a couple of years I spent some time overseas in their South East Asian offices after that.

But to be honest, working for someone else is not really everyones first choice, is it? I didn’t want to work on, and improve someone else’s business. Actually that’s a lie.

When I first got started I definitely did! Making my bosses happy and climbing the corporate ladder was deeply important for me back then, like probably a lot of people who start out their career assuming that as long as they work hard and honest they will always be “looked after”.

The problem with that, was when I got made redundant. The company was offshoring to the very same South East Asian offices I helped get rolling. Towards the end I saw it all coming, but it’s still has a strong scent of irony.

I was left high and dry. 

There’s a fantastic saying that I use often now when working with clients, it is:

Dig your well, before you’re thirsty.

Which I think was coined by Harvey Mackay for his book.

When I was working for someone else, I had probably heard that saying somewhere along my journey and travels, but I never remembered it. The good news, and luckily for me is that while I was still working, I did exactly that!

I did dug a small well, a tiny easy well. That is still “giving me water” (paying off $) today!

During my late night and weekend “self learning” sessions when I was still working 9-5, I learnt that Google likes websites that are older and established. Generally, it ranks them higher than other new websites on the same topic.

So I set up a few very basic, very simply $80 type websites knowing that sometime in the future, I’d benefit from them financially.

I was digging my well, BEFORE I was hungry.

Now just these few websites that I’m talking about, they put more than the average Australian employees salary, into my pocket every week!

Isn’t that something!?

I didn’t have any secret info, I didn’t have any “connections”. I just followed through on an idea and set up a few websites. Actually, it was only 1 website. The rest were just copies of the original one but with different content, words, logos, images, etc (the “frame” was the same – which is ok in Googles eyes).

I’ve spent over a decade learning the online business world. Countless hours in front of a computer, years worth.

And I’m here sharing all this info with you and the others who are reading this, and listening to my Podcast. If you want to learn more, hear more of my stories and how I got to this place I am today, you can join my email newsletter somewhere on this website, there will be a place to enter your email to stay up to date with what’s going on in the Facebook marketing and marketing and business world all together.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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