Marketing Discrimination

If you’ve played around with marketing your business before, you’ve probably come across this problem..
You get your message out to 1000 people last week, and you make 10 sales.

So you’re over the moon! So you go an try it again, get another 1000 people to hear your message… but this time there is no sales. So you throw your arms up in the air, curse the world and say you’re never doing it again… until of course the next time you do it.

Have you done this before?
Do you know this feeling?

This is Marketing Discrimination!

It matters where your customers come from.

I’m not talking about their geography, or where they were born… I’m talking about what path each person came through to listen to your Advertisement, or to get to your website, or to.. Walk into your shop. Etc..
It really does matters where your customers come from!

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.

As you probably know by now.. Our parent company is Customore. We do marketing and consulting work for different companies. So we closely measure how many customers we get to sign up with our clients, and also where they came from…

What website did they come from, or what advertising they responded to, etc, etc. that sort of stuff is a must for us to follow.

Marketing Discrimination
Marketing Discrimination

If you can’t go to the website right now, I’ll explain it to you.

We do work for a range of different companies, this one was for a company that gives people Car Loans. I’m not allowed to mention their name, but let me tell you if you live in Australia… you probably know who this company is…anyway..

This example will show you the difference between two different types of people.

Group 1 is… the people who responded to an email that we sent out about car loans.

Group 2 is… the people who went to Google, did a search for Car Loans… found the website we have for Car Loans… and they entered their information.

You might be asking yourself: “well… why is this important?” / “ Why do I care?”.  If you have an established business, and you’ve done some advertising before… or you’ve tried to get more customers before… you should know where I’m going with this.

If you haven’t every tried to advertise your business before, or do whatever it is you call it to get more customers… take some serious notes about this.

This can literally make your business profitable… or make it bleed money until you have to close up shop.

So back to the screenshot… Group 1:   131 people clicked on the link for MORE INFO from the email. So most of them 131 people will at least see the webpage where they can decide if they want to apply for a car loan or not.

Out of them 131 people … 9 people filled in their details to apply.

From the google search.. 67 people saw the webpage and 11 people filled in their details.

So Group 2… took ½ the effort… ½ the amount of people… and it made 20% more sales. Just because these two different groups of people came from different places.

Before you spend any time or money, you can think of this example and consider where your business is, it’s location. Who the people are who walk past or drive past. If you’re considering advertising on Radio… what type of radio station is it? Who’s listening to it?

Because your source of customers really does matter.

If someone says to you.. I have a list of 2 million Homeowners , I can send all these people an email and i’ll only charge you $2000 to do it. That’s $2000 for 2 million people. WHAT A BARGAIN!!!

All that really means nothing. 2 million people so what? Where did they come from? There’s so much more info you need before making that decision and spending the $2000.

You could easily make nothing back.

Always consider where did these customers come from?

Like you saw in this example, you can have 2x better results… by having 2x higher quality customers.
This is an underlying principle. It’s an age old business and marketing principle.

When people email me and others at our company about a deal like the example I gave you, 2 million homeowners, we don’t even reply anymore.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode, as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you. it’s an important topic. I remember seeing these results as we were running the campaign for our Car Loan Partner, and I thought… there’s a really good example of where customers come from and how much money they make… or don’t make.

So there we have it.
Will speak with you again soon.


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