The Million Dollar Problem

It’s such an issue that I call it the Million Dollar Problem, because that’s what businesses are missing out on. I mean.. call it 100,000 or 500,000 problem, the exact number isn’t the issue..

This is not just an Australian issue, it’s global. And even in the supposed ‘holy grail’ of the ONLINE WORLD… (The USA).

The problem still remains. Existing businesses who go online.. they get it wrong. And online businesses.. who have NO offline business.. They get it wrong too.

Business launch a website, and think it’s going to be the solution to their problem. They think they’re going to wake up tomorrow after launching a new website… to find $100 worth of sales in their account… but that’s not how it works. And that’s the big problem I’m talking about with Internet Businesses.

But it’s not just “online businesses”. Existing businesses fall for this same trap too, they think a website is going to solve a downtrend in sales, but they’re dead wrong.

Having a website built and launched, means nothing. A new website can’t achieve anything by itself.

Is this something you’re about to do?

You’re in business or you’re thinking about starting a business…and a website is part of your plans to increase sales?

If yes.. Have a second think about what the website will be and do. WEBSITES ARE MIND BLOWING AMAZING!! But the website itself won’t make you sales.

If you’re planning a website, or have a website.. Make sure you have a very clear and easy path for someone to visit your website, and then become your customer. Just owning a website doesn’t solve this, you need a plan on top of the website that filters people, captures people, and turns them into your customers.

ALSO… sorry, but your Web Programmer probably can’t solve this for you. These are two totally different skills.

Imagine a Factory Engineer, in a manufacturing factory in Indonesia… their factory makes fishing rods… this engineer knows every square millimetre of that rod and has been hired because of his or her 25 years experience in the Fishing Rod Manufacturing Business… The question you need to ask yourself and relate it to your current or future website is…

“Does this master fishing rod builder… know WHERE and HOW….. to catch a fish?”

No. These are two totally different skills.. You might argue “yes”, but you’re just assuming one relates to the other.

Just like business owners assume that Website relates to Sales or Customers.


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