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If you didn’t see my last post, I mentioned I’m going to run a simple trial in the comings weeks.

I’m very interested to see what will the results will be, it’s exciting, and I think you’ll get a lot out of it too, if you follow along.

There’s never any gold bullets for this kind of thing, so just trying something out like this is always very interesting.

In my last post on this website, I mentioned that I’ll be marketing some new content out into the world, it will be basic level stuff.

Information and topics for people who haven’t marketed their business before, and they really don’t know where to start (and maybe even if they should start).

This is a strategy of reaching your target audience before they are even your target audience! It’s often called “focusing up stream”.

So I’m having this book put together, you can see the cover below which is probably going to be the final version for now:

Facebook Ad Case Study


It’s funny because, I’m still debating with myself if it’s far enough up stream?
Maybe the book could be called “Before You Advertise Your Business“, then it would take this one step even before thinking about Facebook.
I’m still not sure which way I’ll go, but the strategy is more important than the book anyway, that can be changed easily enough.
If you DID read my last email, part of what I wanted to do with this is to always have my new logo on the material that will be going out.
This is the flame red colour ‘CG’ you can see on the bottom left of the book.
As the weeks roll on, this bright little CG logo will be peppered around the place. But I’ll also be able to flag everyone everyone who has seen it, and put them into a seperate pool (so to speak) and then I’ll be able to re-market just to them a 2nd time.
That’s when I’ll advertise something that is actually for sale.
Because the book above will be free, and it’s literally some basic (but good) info and insights that they’ll get a lot out of.
I’ll only be re-marketing to people who have grown familiar with me, or (and hopefully) they’ll recognise that ‘CG’ logo and realise “this is a familiar person/company”.
See what I mean?
This should decrease advertising costs and improve marketing profit overall.
So that’s it for today. I wanted to jump on and show you the new book cover, which will be one of the few things I release into the world in 2-3 weeks from today.
I’m excited to see what will happen.
If you’re ready to get something going on Facebook for your business, my other more detailed book is here on this website. Just scroll down or look to the left and you’ll see more info on how to get a copy.

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