My Old Enemy Returned.

This is a story I had to share, because I don’t want you to fall victim to this. I fell for my old enemies trap again two days ago.

My enemy wears the greatest disguises, very often i don’t realise I’ve fallen into his trap until I’ve already been in there for half an hour.

I call this enemy “work”. But before you start guessing, let me assure you that he is different from actual productive work.

The backstory is, I already know and have known for years that the one of the absolute WORST things I could do, when I am walking towards my computer is say:

“Ok, I’m going to get some work done.”

If I say that before sitting down at my laptop, my intriguing enemy has already caught my eye. He’s already got his first hook, snagged on my flesh.

Even knowing this! Two days ago, I caught myself saying “I’m going to get some work done”. This is kind of like smoking…

The one time you do it, or try it with a friend after school in the bushes where you assume that no one can see you…it probably won’t hurt. Unless your parents see you or hear about it, and they confiscate your skateboard or something.

When I approached the computer, I said I was going to “do some work” and this mistake has long term effects.

Two days ago I was still preparing for my global launch of my Facebook Ads book, that had previously only been actively marketed in Australia (there was some overflow overseas, but just by word of mouth – I hadn’t really pushed it into markets outside of Australia).

You can see if I’m still giving this book away for free here. (won’t be free forever, and I don’t know what day, time or year YOU are reading this).

Facebook Ads Marketing Book


It doesn’t matter how small your project or job is that you’re working on. To do it properly, or to simply do it a level where it is worth your time in the first place, it simply takes a certain amount of focus and time to tick all the boxes, and then go back over them to ensure they have been ticked.

Back to my story, two days ago I made the mistake of sitting down “to do some work”. Only 20 minutes had passed and I found myself on youtube, waist deep in videos that I’d opened and paused so I could watch them later, after I’d finished the one I was currently watching! (none of these vids had a direct relationship to getting done, what I needed to!).

This is what happens when I sit down to “work”, and I imagine that you reading this, have faced the same enemy.

“Work” is my enemy and probably yours. I hate the guy. He is toxic. 

Here’s how I usually beat him, and stop him at the gate so he can’t even enter my world. When I’m thinking straight, I stand in front of my desk before sitting down and I ask myself:

“What am I sitting down to do?”

Usually it’s just one thing (like writing this article blog). So I simply sit down, and  smash it out.

What I don’t do is: stop half way through writing this email and check my sales for the day. Because that my friend is “work”. If I had of said “write this email and check sales”, well I would sit down and do both those things.

You see, after years of being self employed and owning my own time, I know that If I did quickly open a new tab and check sales, I know that I’ll keep digging down into that “work rabbit hole”, and I’ll be able to “invent” all sorts of things that I apparently want or need to do!

Let me assure you that, being unproductive is extremely easy for me.

But when I ask myself “what am I sitting down at the laptop to do?”, this stops an easily distract-able me from getting side tracked.

Now here’s a question for you.

“Would investing just one full hour to sit down and read a book on Facebook Ads, from the 1st page to the last page… would that save you months of bouncing from blog > to youtube video > to Facebook group? Trying to piece Facebook Ads all together?”

Would a one hour block of your time, dedicated to learn the basics and learn how to set up the same type of Facebook Ad that I use 95% of the time… would that be an hour very well invested?


Just one hour invested, to have the answers and know what to do next.

My book on Facebook Ads is a no-fluff book. It’s filled with just the information you need to know, it has no “filler content” just to make the book look big.

Save yourself months if not years of “searching” and “working it out”. See how you can get a free copy of this book here now: Click here.


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