My Old Fresh Start

I’m very excited to be posting this right now, it’s been years of thought and several months in the making.

My name is Craig Marty and I decided to restart this blog again to share more of what I’m doing in my business and for people who are in business for themselves too. Is that you?

Or maybe you’re wanting to launch and start your business soon. 

Whichever one of those 2 groups you might fall into, this is all for you. 

In more recent times, I’ve focused my business on just doing a couple of main things and to still fuel my business to grow but also limit the amount of time that I need to work in it every week. This is all to:

  • Allow me more time to spend with my kid, and future kid or kids too (we have 1 on the way…) along with my wife especially and family and friends too. 

That’s what life is all about for me. 

And maybe you’re the same, or maybe you’re in a similar situation? yeah?

You won’t see me posting pictures of lamborghinis because firstly I’d never buy one, and secondly I’d never rent one. That of course is a direct arrow shot at the overnight successful “entrepreneurs” who have made their first million or two or pretend to have made some money – they go hire a lamborghini and post pictures of them and the cars cruising around town. 

My business, time, money and energy now flows into my family, which I also won’t be posting a lot of online, maybe a little bit. Because I and my family are more of the private, reclusive, we are the ‘don’t want to make a bother’ type of people. We prefer to keep our family lives more private than even the average person. 

The other reason I decided to narrow my focus more is because I want to be able to help other business owners do the same thing, and maybe that’s your goal. I’m talking about people who also want to:

  1. Work less and spend more time with their families. Whilst also;
  2. Growing their company’s. 

Over the last 15+ years of learning how to get customers and grow a business I have learned lots of things. Some of them are lessons taught by losing a lot and failing a lot.  There’s other lessons that come from successful marketing campaigns and successful business ideas. 

A big lesson that you may have learned before also is that achieving the goals, having success in business, money, having the family life, the house or whatever YOUR goal might be… it takes dedication and near 100% focus on just that 1 thing – and that’s for however long it takes. 

The good and worthwhile things don’t always come overnight, do they?

That big lesson always came back to me every 2-3 years through my journey and maybe it has for you too…?

Based on that lesson which I’d have to be a complete idiot to ignore, I have tweaked and evolved my business to offer one main thing, like I have already mentioned earlier. 

My goal now is to maintain the family time that we have and for me that means by doing less things. 

I have no interest in “being everywhere” and taking advantage of every opportunity. I believe that’s a very quick way to lose sight of goals and to end up working more for less. I’ve been there and I’ve done that before. 

Having a business with hundreds of employees is not my goal. Far from it actually, I aim now to have the lowest amount of employees and virtual assistants as possible, that can’t be zero but the goal IS to have a minimum.

If you are on this same path as me now, if what I’m saying sounds similar to what you’re building, wanting to build or have built…let’s stay connected. 

  • Subscribe to my podcast at the Podcast to hear updates along the way of my journey and how the mistakes I’ll make and the successes I’ll have can also help you – that’s half the reason I’ve structured the business how I have – for you and people like you who want to do the same thing.
    • I have no interest in being a podcast master, so the quality will be average, there will be background noise if I’m recording something important that I want to share when I’m outside of the office, but the message will be worth it (in my opinion – you be the judge). So don’t tune in to hear a perfectly recorded podcast. But do tune in to hear something interesting. Something I’m sure will be helpful.  
  • You can also keep in touch by email. I have an email box here on my website at where you can enter your email address to get a copy of my marketing map which I’ll cover in detail throughout many of the future posts of this blog I’m sure.

But also I’ll be emailing you and the other people on my email list updates, news, lessons and other offers you can take advantage of. 

  • I also have no interest in being a professional writer. 
  • You’ll find typing and grammar errors in my writing, including the books that I have already written and are out there selling right now. 
  • So if you can’t look past the occasional (or frequent) typo to read something that will help your business get more customers, I’m probably not someone you should follow. 

You might be thinking;

“are you going to try and sell me something?”

The answer is of course! 

I say:

never trust a marketer who doesn't try to sell you something. Craig Marty

  1. Would you take financial advice from someone who was broke and who had never had a job? Of course not. 
  2. Would you take your kids to swimming lessons when the teacher didn’t know how to swim themselves? Of course not. 

I’ll offer my services and products to you sometimes and you can decide if you think they will help you achieve your goals. If they do, great. If they don’t that’s ok too. 

I know that there will be lessons here for you that will be highly valuable no matter what price (if any price) you pay for them. The information you’ll learn for free here will be valuable.

I want to take this chance to say welcome on board. 

If you’ve been on a train, plane or bus they always tell you where you’re going. 

“This is Qantas Flight QA 701, bound for Hong Kong.. If you are on the wrong plane please advise a flight attendant immediately.” 

The trains have screens that tell you what the stops are and buses say where they are going on the front window to help you step onto the right bus. 

So this is my calling for you. If you’re a business owner or you want to be a business owner that grows a strong business that only requires a basic number of hours from you every week…this path is for you. 

The is the ‘ Blog’ – if you’re onboard than please subscribe to it now so you’ll get alerted when the next post is loaded up.

If you want to keep in touch with me and hear the lessons as I’m learning them and the tips as I’m sharing, enter your email address anywhere on that site and you’ll be added to the list of people I email and keep in touch with. 

But What’s Most Important Is…

Above all, I look forward to sharing the journey with you, hearing from you, talking with you and helping you in any way to grow your business with less effort from your side. 

There’s going to be a few different ways that we can do that through online group chats, podcast interviews and other things but I’ll cover that soon here in a future post. 

For now let’s stay in touch, subscribe to the podcast, enter your email address here on this website and let’s start from there. 

These articles are going to be good refresh for me.

Months of work has gone into creating this path I’m on and I’m really excited to show and share more with you and other business owners because I know how much it will help anyone looking for answers on growing their business.

Or anyone looking to attract new customers, to get new customers and to get more sales. 

I’ve been in business now since 2011 and in the marketing world since 2004. I still continue to learn but there’s a lot of lessons I have picked up over the last almost 16 years that I’ll be sharing in these posts. 

Alright, I’ll talk with you again on the next post.

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