Overcharged for Websites.

But more importantly.. What should your website ACTUALLY DO?

The large majority of Australian and Global Business Owners and Companies get it wrong..
.. and the result is being overcharged for a donkey, when you ordered a Stallion.

The only way you should be measuring how good a website is, is based on its Return on Investment. There is nothing else that is important.. Unless you’re running a Charity. (but even then you need to raise money, right?)

Your new website is PACKED with features and widgets..!? Do they equal dollars in your account?
I do totally get it however, I’ve been there before. I’ve designed and laid out and had developed the most beautiful websites you’d ever hope to own.

I understand the attraction.

But now I know factually, the design and “coolness factor” or “modernness” of my and your websites is not important when it comes to you reaching your goals or your customers.

Ask yourself this… what is the #1 thing my website NEEDS to do? Now.. make sure of two things:
Everything on your website is dedicated to that 1 Thing. And by default then:

There is nothing that distracts your visitors from that 1 Thing.

If you can achieve that, you’re on the right track. If you’ve got that… you must have a good number of website visitors, becoming subscribers and customers.

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