People WANT to be Your Customer!

Today I want to tell you a story about the man on the balcony..

Every day, well almost every day.. I go for a long walk. It’s a bit of a luxury that I have, and I need the exercise anyway so a few birds with the one stone.

I live between the ocean, and a big lake and there’s a bike and walking path that winds along the lake. It’s really nice. The sun sets over the lake every afternoon and it’s a perfect time to make sure I’m home from the office early enough to go and enjoy it.

Anyway.. Every time I go on this walk.. I see the house on the corner just a couple of blocks away into my walk before I get to the track.. The house recently went under a renovation. I remember the house because there’s what sounds like a big dog behind a big non-see through fence that always sounds like it wants to kill me and whoever else walks past it.

The old house was just an average old small house. So when they started renovating it, I had a day by day update on the progress every time I walked past.

It’s funny because I’m in business, sometimes all I see is numbers. So i walk past the house, count the tradies, approximate their daily rate, times it by the workers I see.. Plus materials and I try and work out what they’re spending.

I can’t even help it. My brain just starts counting people and adding things up. I do the same thing in cafes. Do you do that too? I’m sure there’s other people who do that, I’ve just never asked anyone – if they do it too, leave a comment under the episode on the website please!

Anyway, it was a smallish house to begin with and they were making it into two stories. So now it’s a tall skinny two story house, it kind of looks like a block.. Which there’s nothing wrong with.. I’m just trying to give you the picture.

Because it’s small, the balcony they put the 2nd level on is small too. It’s maybe ½ the size of a car park space. I remember thinking that’s a shame, because they can probably see the lake from up there.. In between the houses on the other side of the road.

A few days ago, I walked past again and it looks nearly finished. The guy who is the owner of the house I think was leaning out the window painting around the new window frames on the 2nd level.

The next day I walked past.. I saw him sitting on a chair in the middle of the small balcony on the 2nd level.. With a beer.. Just staring between the houses on the other side of the road at the lake… I mean, he was just staring ..looking dead straight and not moving.

The next day.. The same thing. He was probably exhausted. . still finishing up painting. There he was, sitting up straight.. Looking across the road.. Through the gap to the lake.

The second day was a little weirder / funnier.. Because it was like he hadn’t moved. He was in the exact same pose..

On the 3rd day.. That’s when it WAS funny. I guess you had to see it..

It was almost like he’d told himself “I’m going to enjoy this balcony!” … so he just sat there.

And good on him, and his family. I hope they love their new house.

As an outsider, I couldn’t help to observe and question the whole thing.

This entire situation helped to further imprint one of my marketing and business principles that is on my “master list”.. My bible so to speak.

Let me explain the basics.. the thing that every business owner needs to remember at all times.. Because it’s always true.. Is that..

People want to spend money.

They are just LOOKING for ways to spend it. They’d love to spend it. They want to get the feeling of satisfaction… Take the guy on the balcony for example.. nothing was going to take the moment away from the guy on the balcony.. Now he could see the lake..

The renovation was probably $100,000 – $120,000… but he justified it. He wanted to spend it..
Maybe it wasn’t just the view.. Maybe they were having another kid, or twins or whatever. The fact still remains..

People want and need to spend money. No matter the economic environment is like.
The question for you is.. Do you help them spend it ? Or do you inadvertently put up roadblocks that force people to stop and think twice or to worry when they are on the buying journey..

And do they then consider if continuing is the safest or best option option… or should they put the breaks on the whole thing and just ‘think about it’.

There’s a second just as powerful force at play here. Just as much as they want to spend money.. They also don’t want to feel bad after they spend it.

“Feeling bad” can mean a number of things.. If your potential customer THINKs that they might feel any of the following:

  • Ripped off / wasted their money
  • Tricked and made to Look silly
  • Bought something that was only 10% of the quality they expected..
  • And this list goes on…

If they even THINK they might feel either of those things I just mentioned.. They won’t spend the money, that they were really looking forward to spending.

Does this sound familiar? Do you do that too? I know I do it..

Have you ever walked into JB Hifi, or Harvey Norman to look at the Big Screen TVs.. 55inch screens… 60 inch screens! 75 inch screens! You just walk around in a bit of a daze just looking at them..

I’m not saying that you’re there to buy one that day… but you have to ask yourself.. Why are you back there again just walking through the big screens?

There’s a part of you that thinks this would be a great thing. Part of you that thinks this is a good idea. Maybe it’s the kid in you, maybe it’s the sports fan in you..  Or maybe it’s the ego in you, so when your friend comes over.. They can say “holy…sh.. “, and you can sit back in your chair put your feet up and say…

“What..?” – while hiding a big long grin.

Maybe you do it with cars. Or the new iPhone. Or with houses.. Do you scroll through or and look at the bigger and better houses than the one you’re in right now…?

Let me emphasise my point again.. It’s on my master list.. People want to spend money.

Not everyone who wants to spend money, actually has money to spend.. But “everyone” was never going to be your customer. Only a small percentage of everyone is every going to be your customers..

But if you go from getting 3% to 6% of “just lookers” to become your customers.. you’ve just doubled your business. So, whatever profit you made last year… just double it and think about that for a moment.

Help your customers or clients spend the money they want to spend by removing the roadblocks on their buying journey. Make it a smooth ride with no roadblocks, potholes or warning signs… and maybe then more of them will choose YOUR business, as a place where they will exchange their money for something they want.
This is an important episode, I hope you got it. If not, go listen to it again.. Let it sink in. When it does.. you’ll start to see the endless possibilities to have more customers choosing your business.

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