Picking Restaurants and Marketing Online

My wife and I used to travel a lot. We’ve slowed down a little over the last 18 months for a couple of different reasons.

We’re lucky I know, but we also both worked very hard over the last decade. We’ve been enjoying the fruits of our labour, so to speak.

My wives best friend who she went to high school with (and my wife does this a bit too for the social aspect of it), she will go and check out a new restaurant when one opens and starts getting a bit of buzz going in the local media.

I’ve been dragged along to a few of these, and I’ll enjoy the getting out and seeing friends but never looking forward to the restaurant or the food, nor am I often over the moon with it. (yes, I enjoy good food – I said good, not necessarily expensive).

But I take the opposite approach. And after countless (if I do say so myself) fantastic restaurant selections in Rome, Napoli, Hong Kong, Madrid, around Australia and all across the US to name a few, my wife is happy to follow my restaurant choosing process.

It’s very simple and obvious (but it’s not choosing the one with the most people in it).

My wives friend on the other hand, she is like most new business owners. And most people who you will find online who are saying “do this”, “do that!”, as a way to advertise and make money online. People who are always changing from one thing to the next, always chasing what’s new, just because it’s new!

Running your online marketing like this, and choosing restaurants based on what’s NEW and COOL, is not the way to sleep fulfilled at night.

One being because you’ve had a fantastic meal, and the other being because you made money that day!

Marketing on Facebook is a great example of this. Every month there is a new tactic that is the new golden egg and “you better jump on it asap”.

Just because it’s new and shiny, doesn’t make it good.

When chatbots got popular in early 2017ish, that was the new thing. A lot of businesses invested a lot of their time and some money into launching a chat bot. Only to find, if you don’t have something good to sell to people who want it, a chat bot is just another way to deliver boring news and offers to your audience.

Marketing well on Facebook is more about the using the marketing strategies that worked 5 and 50 years ago!

Good product/services, with good offers attached, to customers who are interested. 

If you want to market well on Facebook, Google or anywhere online, I suggest getting back to basics and learning the age old marketing principles.

When I’m in a new city or anywhere, and I want to find the best restaurant around it’s this easy:

Find the restaurant with the most history, and the highest ratings out of 5. And how do I do that?

With the Trip Advisor app. It’s that simple.

Only because it’s an informed decision, and that’s also the only way to run marketing campaigns and choose a restaurant!

Anywhere my wife and I were, I opened the app and I select:

  • Nearest to me. And;
  • Sort by ‘number of reviews‘.

When Restaurant A has 3 reviews and they have 5 stars = AVOID!

When Restaurant B has 300 reviews and they have LESS THAN 4.0 stars = AVOID!

When Restaurant C has 300 reviews and has an average rating of 4.3 or more stars (ideally!) = that’s your pick!

Sometimes it’s a $4 Taco place just out of San Francisco. And it knocks your socks off! In the best way possible.

Sometimes it’s an expensive 21 course extravaganza in Vegas.

The bottom line is the same: tried, tested and rated = rarely disappoints!

My point is that this is the same for online marketing. I encourage you to stop chasing every new idea and keep an ear out for the most common 5 things that you hear and read. And double down on them 5 things and see if the result you get this time around is better than any you’ve got so far.

Setting up a Facebook Ad is more complex than choosing a restaurant. But by focusing on the basics, the principles, I think you will see better results than what you’ve had previously (at least).

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