Save Years and $100,000.

When I started to learn how to make a online business work, I thought it was going to be magic. I was looking for the secret button to press.

The internet world makes it seem like there is a hidden, secret magic button or a sequence of buttons that you need to press in order to “get rich”.

When you’re on this long and difficult journey, you either need to search for a decade, get lucky and stumble across it OR you need to know someone who already knows where the button is and how to use it!

The Magic Button

When you have that button, and you know how to press it, well… The flood gates just open and your closest Luxury Car dealer just automatically rolls in a new Lamborghini straight into your garage without you even needing to ask for it, because that’s just what happens right?

Like I was saying, when I started on this journey that’s how I thought it was! I was still working in the call centre industry, I’d get home from work and spend more time in front of my new old Dell laptop which must look like a brick now compared to my new Macbook Air.

On the weekends, I was in front of the laptop even more, I mean…10 hours a day more. I calculated that it was over $100,000 that I either threw at the wall, or “invested” depending on how you want to look at it.

$100,000 Investment in Learning

That’s $100,000 having websites built, having logos made, having articles written, buying training products and spending money on advertising my new business ideas on Google and on Facebook during the early days.

This $100,000 dollars does NOT include my time. If I was on the clock, or if I put a $ figure to the hours I spent researching how to get an online businesses going and how to get paying customers online, that figure would have to be another $45-$50,000 and that’s just based on $20 an hour!

So when it comes to you and your choice, you really have two: 

  1. The first choice you have is to continue doing what you’re doing. Continue reading and learning and hopefully one day you will read between the lines and see how it all works. Like I did after 5-7 years and $145,000 of actual real money and time invested into learning, testing and trying hundreds of different things out.

Or you can choose the second way:

2. That is = SKIP the years of sorting through garbage and dead ends. I’ve already marathoned through the hard roads and overcome the mountains, and I developed a 18 module training course that you can gobble up within a day or few.

That’s $145,000 and 7 years, condensed down into one training course that you can get here (not currently available) if it’s still available.

This course is the best of what I know, have learnt and have used in my own business to break the million dollar mark – all narrowed down and focused in on Advanced Facebook Marketing. 

You might be thinking, why would I sell it?

You know the product you’re selling, the service you selling. But I don’t know how to support that service. If someone asks me a question about what YOUR selling, I probably won’t know the answer unless it’s just a fortunate coincidence. I could set up the machine and sell it, but I don’t know how to deliver or support your product.

That’s why it’s not a smart idea just to keep the methods and knowledge to myself because I can only use it in the few industries that I actually know about.

A Personal Trainer can use my Advanced Facebook Marketing course to get more Personal Training clients. Because they know the Personal Training bits to throw in.

A Math Tutor can use it to get maths students. I definitely don’t know what to say and do for Math Tutor Students.

But my Facebook Marketing course called The Social Formula can definitely be applied with their input.

And you can definitely use the Social Formula course for your business.

There’s only so much ground I can cover, that’s part of the reason why I’m selling the course and not keeping it all to myself. 

I hope that explains what my motives are here.

Of course I will make a few more dollars when you buy the course, but can I be honest with you? I’m not going to run out an buy a new car if you buy the course today.

If you do or don’t buy the course today, I’m not going to jump on and start shopping for a new house.

My life is pretty much set up now. I work with handful of clients that cover all my expenses and more. Plus I market some of our own services on the side.

This is a real chance to get $145,000 worth of experience (it’s actually a lot more than that because I haven’t included all the recent years when things have being going smooth and great).

I only counted what it took to get up to a point where I could build customer bases online and make enough money to do it full time.

So it’s $145,000 worth of experience, all put into my Facebook Marketing Course that you can get for a small fraction of what it took me to create it.

Like I said before, you have two choices:

  1. Learn how to figure out Facebook marketing on your own. Or
  2. Cut years and thousands off your timeline and get my Advanced Course on Facebook Marketing today.

When you’re ready to get my Social Formula course and put it to work for your business, just click the button below and complete your details. Your course will be posted to you within 7 days. 

(Button disabled – Course currently not available)


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