Scared of Big Numbers

One of the funny obstacles that new entrepreneurs or business owners very often can’t jump over, is what my business partner and I call:
“Being scared of big numbers“. 
It’s a funny one, because it’s usually caused by the very same thing they are trying to achieve, which is making some money, making sales, etc, etc.
Here’s a common example:
Business Owner A: runs an Ad in the newspaper. Costs him $110, and he gets two clients from it and he makes about $200 back. A near doubling of his money.
But here comes the “Scared of big numbers” hurdle and BANG! He smashes straight into it and falls onto the pile of others before him, and he doesn’t run the same Ad in the same paper the next week.
OR – he does. and he runs the same Ad every single week.
So what’s the problem?
THE AD WORKS! Get the same Ad in every newspaper across your region! Across your state! Across your country!
​​​​​​​Hire contractors to fulfil the jobs and take 10% of the fee! WOO Hoo! You’ve done it!!
Even though $110 turns into $200 predictably, running the same Ad in every paper is a $1,000 commitment and there it is, that’s a BIG NUMBER! 
He says, “i’ll get a few jobs under my belt and then I’ll do it“. But he never does. There’s always that fear of “what if I lose it”.
It’s the same fear that he held so dear for years while he was TRYING to make it. And now that he’s made it with a winning Ad Formula, it’s the SAME fear that holds him back.
This is a common example of being scared of big numbers.
If you’re not sure if you’re in this same boat, don’t worry – I have you covered.
Talk soon,
Craig Marty
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