She Hated Being Alone.

14th June, 2018

From: Sydney, Australia.

About 5 years ago, I lived in a group of “flats” (single level units) for a while.

All single level, about 10 in total I think. My wife and owned the one we were living in, it was second last on one side. The flat that was on the end of our row had a open garden next to it, which lead to the back fence and other surrounding houses.

A few months after we moved in, the tenants from the end flat moved out and a new tenant moved in. She hated being alone. 

That was one of the first things she said to us after we introduced ourselves. And I mean, it freaked her out.

She was scared because she had nothing on one side of her. Just the open yard and the back fence.

I remember thinking, that’s no way to live.

There are understandable fears of being alone at home, and hearing noises outside your windows – I sleep like a baby personally, but I do get it. My wife is like that.

But to live in fear constantly, seemed to be more of a burden than what it is a survival mechanism.

When I look back at it now, I relate it to the life of an entrepreneur and business owner. If people like us lived in fear we’d never go out on our own, we’d never quit the 9 to 5 and never work for ourselves.

If we lived in fear, we’d never try something new and take a chance. And we’d be stuck on lower incomes and working for someone else. 

Stuck by our own (more often than not) irrational and always self-crippling fears, questioning, doubts, fear of loss, fear or looking silly, fear of taking a chance and it not working out. I could go on, but I think you get my point.

I had this memory and thought today, and I wanted to share it with you. Nothing tried, nothing achieved, as they say.​​​​​​

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