Silly Business Owners

I was having a good chat with my business partner who’s hit the road with his family for a couple of months.
We started off as mates, so we often have a good laugh together.
A few months ago, just before we switched off for Christmas, we went for a meet and greet with a business in Sydney who was looking for help with their marketing, getting more sales, etc, etc.
They’re a big operation, not a small business. I think 40-50 staff, all based in Sydney.
I’ve stopped being amazed at how senseless and ‘off the mark’, some big and seemingly successful companies (and the people running them) can be. 
We were there as a favour to a business associate who does a lot of work with T.V ads.
The problem this company (who’ll remain ‘unnamed’) was every 100 sales leads or enquiries that came into their sales call centre, they could only get 5 or so to convert into sales.
I asked them:
Where are these customers coming from now?
(compared to before when the numbers and profits were much higher..)
..the manager told me:
they’re the same. We know they are the same because “Mary” called 12 of them the other day and made 10 sales.


Mary is a department manager now and has been for years, but to make sure there was nothing wrong with the customers, they had the old pro make some calls.
They were still ‘at a loss’ of what to do next and were asking for help.
My business partner and I had a great laugh about this yesterday afternoon.
None of their other staff would make more than 5/100 sales.
My advice to them was..
“Before putting your staff on a “improvement plan”, at least tell them to copy what Mary did.”
My business recently heard that they were still scratching their heads wondering HOW to fix their declining sales. 
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