Simple Secret That Grows My Business.

There’s a fundamental base of lessons, that every successful business has under its knowledge bank. And also which every successful business owner has, and I try to cover one in each episode of this podcast. Today is no different.

I started playing around with the online business world in about 2006, maybe it was even 2005. It’s hard to pinpoint when exactly because the first few projects and website ideas I created and built, all withered away and were replaced by every new idea I had to start making money.

That’s a very common story. Have you ever had a light bulb moment, and knew for sure that your idea was the next big thing? So you run out and have it designed, have the website built, or have the smartphone App built, but something happens along the way and it fizzes out, or just falls flat on its face?

Maybe a new idea replaced it, or maybe there was some technical roadblocks that you didn’t anticipate? I’ve seen the most common one being “people just didn’t sign up for it”. Which means, the person couldn’t get customers. That was a common issue for me too back then. It’s very frustrating, when you’re going through it. I know.

And that’s what I wanted to talk about in todays post.

Have you ever had one of those days where, you just get A LOT done. I mean, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! You’re just smashing the list of things you need to get done on your ‘to do’ list.

That’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

I personally find that comes from having a clear list or target of things that you need to get done. Whether it’s a To Do list, or a mental to do list. For me it’s always “ok, everything else is being ignored! Here’s the 2  things I’m doing today!”

I’ve gone back and forth over the years on how to best manage my time. There’s been a year of no schedule, and no big action items. There’s been months of 12 hour days to get something done. But when I’m really in the zone and kicking goals, and making ground you can be sure that there is a physical To Do list on my desk.
Here’s what’s important for me though. It’s a To Do List all centred on one main thing, one main project or one main target.

What I’ve found over the years is that when I focus on one project, my business makes money. When I focus on four things, the projects make less money combined than the one thing.

There are a lot of moving parts to really get something cracking and to have it operating and steaming forward on near autopilot. And cutting any of these moving parts out, or not giving them the attention that they need can alter the path of that project, or that business idea whatever it is.

Focusing on one idea equals money. Focusing on four ideas equals no money.

Very often I find that from the four ideas, opportunities that I could focus on right now and get done, there’s really just one that is the main thing. Tim Ferriss, author of the 4 Hour Work Week calls this the lead domino. The lead domino that when completed (or pushed over) will help you knock over the other things that need to be done too.

There’s probably a few things on your plate right now, and hopefully you have the luxury of choosing one and pausing all the others. I understand that’s not always possible when there are other people who are involved and who also have interest in the other three things being worked on and completed.

But I’m confident you’ve probably been in this situation before where you’ve had a big project on. You break it down into a bunch of smaller little tasks and then you hammer through them. Just by focusing on that one, you can get it done quicker than either one of the few things you were working on – had you tried to complete them all at the same time.

So what are you working on right now? Is it a website that you’re having designed, and having built? Are you working on marketing your product or service? Trying to get a marketing campaign working on Facebook that will send you 10 new customers a day? Or 100 new customers a day? There’s a lot of moving pieces to make that work and it’s going to take some focus.

The sooner you write your list, the sooner you can start hammering through them.

Focus on just one thing, get it done, and enjoy the benefits that come from a completed, well executed website and / or marketing plan, or anything really.

If you want to work with someone to set up your project, to help keep you on track and also not to miss anything along the way, I have a new private group that I’m starting so that I can give the best help possible to people like you who are working on setting up a business or marketing campaign online.

If you’re trying to get customers online, and you want someone in your corner to answer questions and steer you away from common traps and towards your goal, just send me an email and simply type in the word “group” , you can just send me that one word (“group”), and I’ll have some more info about how you can join this group emailed out to you.

If you’re listening to this right now but you don’t have my email address, here on this website will be a space where you can enter your email address there to get updates on new episodes and other helpful stuff. When you enter your email address there, you’ll get the confirmation email. You can just reply to that email and say “group” – and we’ll get it.

So if you want to work with someone who’s done it all before, if you want help with getting more and more customers online, just email me and type in one single word, which is “group” – and I’ll have more info about my new private group sent out to you.

Ok that’s it for this episode. I hope to be working with you to launch your business or idea, in the very near future.

Speak to you soon,

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