Small Error Made $600.

Ok, so a brief backstory to help explain this little trick today.

We run a marketing company, as you probably know. But we also have our own internal websites too. Websites that we own, and that we manage.

One of the websites we own is designed to first connect with our customers, encourage them to enter their email address. Some do, some don’t.

After these customers enter their email address, they get whatever it is they were entering their email address for.

And then moving on from that, they are our customers for life so to speak.

We can continue to communicate with these people about the same stuff and about some other related topics too, by email.

Before I go on, I need to ask you. are you collecting and managing customers email addresses?

If you’re not, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity and I’ll get to that more in just a minute.

There is a best practice that I’ve crafted over the years to both not upset our customers, and at the same time still offer them something that a minority of them will want to buy, order or sign up for.

If you’re ever convinced that you’re going to compel 100% of your email subscribers to buy from you, you’re going to wake up angry one day.

But that’s ok, you’ll get over it. You’ll realise it’s not a big problem and there still opportunity in what is actually possible 🙂 So don’t dwell on it.

I’ll let you in on two little secrets, and then I’ll get to my point for this episode.

The first little secret is that GENERALLY a bad day to email your customers is Monday. Because Mondays are a busy day for most people.

When your customers are busy, they are less likely to open your emails (assuming you are actually sending them emails which you should be).

The smaller the number of your customers who open your email, obviously means the lower amount of sales you will make from your email.

And you shouldn’t be offering something for sale every time you email them of course, I’m just speaking generally here.

The second secret for you is that a better day to email your customers is Tuesday. People are less busy, and are more settled into the week. The average email subscriber will generally start to accept some distractions in their day. For example, their emails!

Did you enjoy those two secrets? That’s not even what this episode is about, I just threw them in here because I thought of it.

Ok, here’s how I accidentally made $600 more I usually do when sending an email.

That’s not bad is it? Getting paid to send an email? I just had a moment then of thinking; wow, this stuff use to blow my mind. How I could make money from just sending an email, but now it’s become ‘normal’.

It’s funny how that works.

They say that famous bands who play to 20,000 screaming fans night after night, quickly get tired of it. And it becomes more stressful and more of a chore than what it is exciting and enjoyable. That’s strange right?

Anyway, usually when I send an email, I know how much money it is going to make on average. Of course it’s on average because everything goes up and down, and there’s several different reasons behind that which I don’t have 10 days to get into right now.

One Sunday night, it was late, around midnight. I was setting up an email for just one of our email lists, in one of our niche markets.

Even though it was around midnight on a Sunday, I can set the email to only be sent out on Tuesday morning at 7am for example. That way I don’t have to worry about sending that one out at exactly the right time.

So I finished preparing the email and I pressed SEND. Normally that just adds the email to a schedule to be sent out later. But this time, it didn’t. The email just went! I had forgot to set the delayed timer! I was a little annoyed but quickly got over it.

I sent an email to a group of people at midnight on a Sunday. Not the most professional looking thing I guess you could say, but who cares.

The next morning I woke up, made a coffee and jumped on the laptop again. And BOOM! There it was..
An additional $600 odd in revenue that I didn’t expect. The total amount was higher compared to other days and similar emails that I had sent out to the same group.

That’s great right?

So what was the lesson I got from this?

It’s not rocket science and I’m confident it’s probably something that you know on some level and you probably apply it to other things.

The lesson as it relates to email marketing is that your customers are all different. All the people that you have in your email contacts, are all different.

It had been a while since I had sent an email late on a Sunday. So there was probably a small pocket of 100 or so people that had not got an email from us during THEIR PRIME TIME.

For whatever reason, Sunday night at midnight was a great time for these few extra customers to say:



So while yes Mondays are generally not great days to email, and Tuesdays are better. I would not suggest that you skip Mondays forever. Or Sunday midnight for that matter.

Your customers are all different, and how you reach them and when you reach them needs to be a tailored too.
This is just a quick little example of how I accidentally made an extra $600 in revenue when I was at first annoyed that I forgot to schedule the email for Tuesday morning.

I knew it wasn’t going to be a total flop. I knew I would see some sales when I was logging in to check what happened the next morning.

But the extra money on top of an average email broadcast to this group of people was a good reminder that oh yes, everyone is different.

So you’re encouraged to make an effort to approach your customers from different angles. See how it goes.
Even a pizza restaurant sells pasta. Not everyone likes eating Pizza all the time. Sometimes they’d go to the same restaurant just for a pasta.

Does that make sense?

If it doesn’t I’m sorry – I have to leave it there for this episode and sign off.

If you already have a bunch of people on your businesses email list, you’re can steal this same tactic right now.
If you know your results from a usual email blast, try this and compare it. There’s no promises of course.
And it doesn’t have to be midnight on a Sunday.

If you don’t know what’s the best way to email your contacts, or if you DON’T HAVE ANY email contacts and you want to start building a database you can utilise and increase your businesses revenue from…

…the best way for me to help you with that is in a more one-on-one setting. Where I can ask you more specific questions about your set up, and you can also ask me the follow up questions.

That’s the best way for me to help you.

For more information on how we can work together simply contact me here and ask.

Enjoy your day and best wishes with the emails.

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