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It should come as no surprise that Social Media Marketing, often leads people to think of ‘Facebook Marketing’.

But there’s more to it, and we’ll touch on the bigger ones in this blog post.

Something else I want to cover here is very important, it’s that marketing to potential customers or clients on social media is different than marketing in general. But I’ll get into more on that later.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Like it, believe it, realise it or not (I’m sure it’s a yes to all 3), the majority of people have a social media account on their smartphones.

It’s 2018 now when I’m writing this so I can skip the words laptop and computers, and jump straight to smartphone.

The reason why social media marketing is HOT Right Now, is because everyone is on social media. The large majority is on it. And it’s very likely that the PEOPLE WHO YOU WANT TO BE YOUR CUSTOMERS… are on social media.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram (owned by Facebook)
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • and others..

There’s several others, however, in Australia (where we focus) these are the bigger Social Media platforms, that your Australian customers (current and future) are using.

Social Media Challenge: If you think you’re potential customers ARE NOT on social media, and therefore you don’t need to worry about it, here is a challenge for you:

Ask the next 10 CURRENT customers that you see, if they are on Facebook.

I would be 7 times over, that at a very minimum no matter what business you’re in.. that 7 out of the next 10 customers you see are on Facebook (and they’ll be on other social media platforms too).

This is a extremely important exercise because when you hear that I was right, you’ll know that social media marketing is probably something you should at least get a good grip of.

People are on Social Media. Customers are on Social Media.

That is the ONLY reason why there is such a big fuss about it.

If only 1 out of every 10 people used Social Media, you probably would not be here reading this blog post.

The idea with social media marketing is just to be where your customers are. 

How to Get Results With Social Media Marketing

Advertising to your target customers on social media is different to how you would advertise to them on the radio, in a newspaper, or in person.

But there’s a clue, and it’s in the name.

Your customers go to Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to “join in and be social”. Therefore, if you don’t follow that same approach when you test out a marketing campaign, you’ll be going against the grain.

You’ll be pushing a big rock, up a big hill.

Here are 3 rules to follow when you are reaching potential customers on social media.


Don’t barge into a strangers social situation trying to sell them something. If you launch an ad on Facebook, and your targeting people who don’t already know you, you’re in their world. So don’t try and sell something in that first interaction.

Instead, offer a helpful 2 minute video, or a free short course on whatever it is you do.

THEY should come out of the interaction with your first ad thinking at an absolute minimum: “that was good” . If you could give them a “wow, that’s awesome”, even better.

Offer something for free, you’re a pro at what you do so give some free advice. And of course, try to only show this free advice to people who could very easily be your customer. I.e. Don’t show it to 22 year old guys, if you’re talking about retirement plans.

Make sense?


With the idea of being ‘social’, after RULE 1 you have a bunch of people who have got something good from you already. They know you.

If what you gave them was great (that’s important), they now like you too.

This is a much better time to introduce the business and the services that you offer to people who are just like them! Because remember in RULE 1, you only helped out people who were in your target audience.

See how that works, and why it’s important?


Remember that we are STILL talking about SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. Therefore, just because these people now know you and like you, it doesn’t mean that they are in desperate need of what you are selling. 

If you were advertising on Google Adwords (just for one example), it would be a different story. Because your Ads then would only show to people who were already searching for what you sell.

But this is Social Media, people are not searching for something that you sell, they are on Facebook looking at their friends holiday, or they are on Instagram looking at pretty pictures.

So if you want to interrupt that (yes you’re still interrupting at this point, it’s called “interruption marketing” for a reason), I still recommend that you come armed with a good offer.

A few examples of a good offer are:

  • Try it free for 30 days. 
  • 70% off for new customers. 
  • Free Sample. 

When the same people who already know you from RULE 1, see this… they are more likely to give it a go. NOT ALL of them will, because it’s not a perfect world.

These are still user-friendly, more socially minded offers to that’ll make it easier for your future long term customers, to take the first small step.

NOTE: Depending on how you achieved what you did in RULE 1 above, how you tell your new friends about your “free sample” offer will vary. 

  • If it was all done on Facebook, you can do it on Facebook again. Targeting only people who have ‘interacted with your page’. 
  • If you had people enter their email address to get your Free Recipe Book (or whatever it was), then you can email these people too! 

No matter what stage you are in when you’re marketing on social media, I encourage you try and use as much “Social Proof” as possible at every stage.

What is Social Proof?

To answer that, let me give you a quick example:

Imagine you are hungry, it’s date night, and you and your partner are walking past two restaurants. One of the restaurants has one elderly couple sitting in there, having a meal. But no one else is in that restaurant.

The OTHER restaurant is 95% full. It’s packed. There is only one spare table in the restaurant, and there other two other couples already standing outside reading the menu.

From what you see, which restaurant are you and most other people more likely to choose for your date night?

This is social proof.

Unless you’re:

  • Highly practical, and just want a quick meal no matte what it tastes like. Or:
  • Enjoy living on the edge. Or:
  • Simply enjoy going against the grain no matter what..

You will choose the busy, more popular restaurant.

How Does Social Proof Apply to Social Media Marketing?

If you run an advertisement on Facebook and it has 0 likes, it won’t appear as being popular. Will it?

If you continue running that same advertisement, and after 7 days it has 22 likes, 4 comments and 2 shares, it will look like and ACTUALLY BE more popular, won’t it?

If you can encourage likes and comments on your pictures, posts, ads, etc, on Facebook and all Social Medial advertising, you’ll likely find your results improve.

WARNING: You are no longer allowed to say things in your advertisements like “Share this”, or “Tag a friend”, or “like this to enter”. Doing this will have your Facebook and related accounts shut down without warning. (and I mean ‘WITHOUT’). 

Now you can’t say no one warned you about this.

The challenge therefore for you is to write Ads, and offer really good promotions and such so that people want to LIKE IT and SHARE IT. That is being social.

Did you get something out of this blog post? 

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I look forward to seeing you join the group.

Speak soon,

Craig Marty

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