Stop that new website design!

What Actually Makes Progress Online.

Website designs (or re-designs) are kind of like new running shoes, or that gym membership.
It feels so good to get them, or to order them… that SOMETIMES you don’t even have to go for a run or visit the gym! 
The itch has been scratched!
If you have a new website design already underway or on paper, cancel it. I should know!
The amount of websites I’ve had designed and created is close to one hundred. If you include the individual pages, and landing pages we’re now quickly into the hundreds. 
Getting a new website designed and built was my go to bowl of ice cream, or my new gym membership.
The new website design would just help me THINK I was making progress to cracking the online code and building a successful online business when in fact… the only thing it did was keep the wheels rolling, so that I would think I was getting somewhere. 
Website designs don’t get customers. 
The more beautiful or trendy the design, the worse it performs on the thing you actually need it to do – get customers to pay for the design!
  • Logos don’t get customers.
  • New business cards don’t get customers.
  • The list goes on.
If you’re selling bottled water at the end of a marathon, the dehydrated runner is not going to care what colour your shirt is, or what colour the label on the bottle is. 
He is also not going to care if you increased the price by 23%, because he wants and needs what you’re selling! Isn’t that something worth focusing on? More so than tweaking your website? 
Or has someone convinced you that having a video above the fold, and to the left with a black boarder around it will double your website sign ups?
Be the water bottle salesperson, and place yourself on the finish line of the marathon. 
That’s how simple it is to describe it, but of course I accept that it’s not that easy to make happen. However, as long as we can agree that a new logo won’t double your business then I think this post has been well worth it.
A few actions, and some pressure applied in the right place of your business can quickly cause the ripple effects in your business that you’re wanting to see.

I suggest focusing on the right things:

  • Marketing the thing your customer really wants (the bottle of water).
  • Selling it to the right people (customers who are very thirsty!)
  • Finding your customers (position yourself at the marathons finishing line!)

It’s simple, but for some reason people take the long route (and I was one of them!). But the secret is… it really is that simple.

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