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"How To Get More Customers"

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My Old Enemy Returned.

This is a story I had to share, because I don’t want you to fall victim to this. I fell for my old enemies trap again two days ago. My enemy wears the greatest disguises, very often i don’t realise

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DON’T Be Like Me.

I can’t build or design a website, but I used to be a master website creator. I could get a website designed, built and live in less than 48 hours – but I couldn’t (and still can’t) do any of

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Free Book On Facebook Ads

Get your FREE copy of this book below, and learn my steps and little tricks to get customers from Facebook. You’re about to invest some money into giving Facebook Ads a go. Congratulations. It’s milestone moment I know. A small

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How to Use Facebook for Business

As of OCT-DEC 2017 Facebook had 2.2 BILLION Monthly Active Users (source). With that many people in one place, it’s no surprise that every business owners wants to know how to use Facebook for business. (That is not a typo,

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Three Steps Before Starting Your 1st Facebook Ad.

This episode is for the absolute beginners. If you’ve never advertised online before, this is for you. What I’ll cover in this episode will be the 3 Steps you need to have in place before you even go to the

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