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"How To Get More Customers"

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Marketing Books on Facebook

Hello we are live! How are you? It’s Craig Marty here, just checking in to say HELLO. I wanted to do some more of these posts, videos and Facebook lives for my shameless ‘self-promotion’ drive that I’ve started. But it’s

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A living legend was laughed at.

The legend I’m talking about was on his hands and knees, in his office, with an empty suitcase next to him. What you don’t yet realise is he’s responsible for something that likely brought you a lot of joy, if

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Failing and agreeing with hippies.

A couple of years ago, maybe more.. I could see that the ‘lead generation’ side of our business was going to slow down. I was reading between the lines so to speak – that’s a different story for a different

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Good at the WRONG Things.

I used to be really good at all the wrong things. There’s been too many “that’s awesome” ideas to remember, over the 12 or so years that I’ve been in this online-business world. I’m talking about online business ideas that

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Facebook Retargeting

You’re not marketing on Facebook, unless you’re also running Facebook retargeting Ads. A retargeting Ad on Facebook, is a 2nd Ad that will ONLY show to the same people who have seen your 1st Ad. Make sense? When YOU are

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Facebook Advertising

It’s the big whale every new business owner wants to catch, a Facebook advertising campaign that adds zeros to their bank accounts quicker than they count them. Facebook is a beast, both in a good way and sometimes a bad

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Facebook Changes Custom Audiences for Advertising.

If you are in the Facebook Ad platform marketing your business every day or every week, you might of come across recent changes to Custom Audiences. When you load up, or set up your Custom Audience in the Facebook ads

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How to Advertise on Facebook

Just a quick warning, a blog post on How to Advertise on Facebook, is going to be a long post. I’ll likely be back here to build on this again and again overtime. So stay tuned. Below I’m going to

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Bitcoins FALL and Facebook Ads.

Why is No-One Talking About “Bitcoin Mania” Right Now? First have a look at this picture below..   In less than 3 months DEC 2017 – FEB 2018, Bitcoin has dropped in price by 50%. Can you imagine if Australia’s

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Three Steps Before Starting Your 1st Facebook Ad.

This episode is for the absolute beginners. If you’ve never advertised online before, this is for you. What I’ll cover in this episode will be the 3 Steps you need to have in place before you even go to the

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