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"How To Get More Customers"

Tag: facebook marketing

What it Means When Someone Asks Your Advice.

I would enjoy any job where I got to talk about Seinfeld occasionally. In the email marketing world, there is an entire marketing strategy that is called ‘Seinfeld Emails’, or a ‘Seinfeld Sequence’ / Campaign, etc. Depending on how it’s

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How to Sell Your Knowledge

Don’t Teach Your Info, Do This Instead. There’s major growth in the information selling industry. It was big 10 years ago, and it’s only getting bigger. The irony is, I also play in this information selling field! When you charge

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More details on the plan

If you didn’t see my last post, I mentioned I’m going to run a simple trial in the comings weeks. I’m very interested to see what will the results will be, it’s exciting, and I think you’ll get a lot

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing - Google Ads

Back in the late 90’s or early 2000’s, all business owners and people who dreamed of working for themselves and earning big numbers, heard of this new possibility called digital marketing. Now that digital marketing possible, anything was possible! If

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Facebook Retargeting

You’re not marketing on Facebook, unless you’re also running Facebook retargeting Ads. A retargeting Ad on Facebook, is a 2nd Ad that will ONLY show to the same people who have seen your 1st Ad. Make sense? When YOU are

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FIFA World Cup and Facebook Marketing

I’m not a huge soccer fan, I don’t know any of their names besides the few “famous” faces that have made their way off the soccer field with endorsements and ads. But I love watching two top class teams compete,

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Facebook Advertising

It’s the big whale every new business owner wants to catch, a Facebook advertising campaign that adds zeros to their bank accounts quicker than they count them. Facebook is a beast, both in a good way and sometimes a bad

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Facebook Marketing Campaign Example

And How You Can Use it In Your Business: I want to outline how Facebook marketing can work for your business. It’s easy and common to assume that you should advertise and straight for the sale. If you’re a Dentist,

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What I DIDN’T KNOW Back Then

I’m sharing with you what is the same situation that most business owners are in right now. (likely). My background is in the call centre industry, entire levels of office buildings with hundreds of desks and people. Workers (including me

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