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"How To Get More Customers"

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How To Get Paid Twice

Listen to this article below by clicking play (or read below). My secret guilty pleasure is food, I can’t get enough food. Thai is my favourite but that’s probably a story for another day. Besides food which is the obvious

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Grow Your Business 75% Easier

I was working with a client a few years ago when this truth really hit home with me.  It’s one of those things that you know but over time it kind of crystallises in your mind and you begin to

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How ALDI Creates a Buzz

There’s lots of stories of ‘ALDI Store Mania’, where people line up for hours out the front of the store before it opens, and rush into like it’s the running with the bulls. Arguments, injuries and fights are not uncommon.

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Simple Secret That Grows My Business.

There’s a fundamental base of lessons, that every successful business has under its knowledge bank. And also which every successful business owner has, and I try to cover one in each episode of this podcast. Today is no different. I

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Real Entrepreneurs Mindset

On the last episode I gave you a hint about what this episode was about.. I said this episode will help you “get there”, to work through the crap and to achieve your goals.. So here it is.. Ok first

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Best Business for 2018

Hello and welcome to the New Year, I don’t know when you’re listening to this exactly but.. Here is The Best Business Idea for you in 2018! Alright.. Are you ready for it? I’m about to give you a 2

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My Christmas Marketing Lesson

I just saw the greatest Christmas Marketing Lesson.. It’s so funny.. So.. it’s Christmas time. Decorations, Christmas carols, presents … and that means busy shopping centres. Hard to get a car park… losing your car in the car park.. etc.

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What Your Customers Want.

Here’s something you might not know about me, I was sent to the Philippines for work, for 3 years in my late 20’s. This may be news to you, after all it is only Episode 18 of this Podcast, and

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People WANT to be Your Customer!

Today I want to tell you a story about the man on the balcony.. Every day, well almost every day.. I go for a long walk. It’s a bit of a luxury that I have, and I need the exercise

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Tell me what you do!

I had a potential client email me… ask about the details of working with me and  , they sent me their website. so I could see what they were about. I looked at the website… read a few a

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