The BIGGER Opportunity For All Business Owners.

12th June, 2018

From: Sydney, Australia.

There might be a 10x bigger opportunity outside of your own business.

When you get the ingredients just right, and you know how to get a predictable stream of customers submitting their info to enquire about your product or service.

Soon you will have too many enquiries, and not enough working hours in the day to process them all, and to still do your usual job!

Now you have 3 options:

  1. Stop marketing and stop the customers from coming in.
  2. Hire more staff to handle the extra customers.
  3. Or sell the customers to a different business.
It all depends on what your appetite is.
If you run an online business that can service everyone across the country, than hiring more staff to process and churn through the extra customers will likely be the path you take.
But if you’re a local business who can’t really move or expand easily (and maybe you just don’t want to), you can still do the task of attracting the customers wherever they are.
EXAMPLE: If your Personal Training business is on the Gold Coast, QLD, and you know how to get 10 new people to turn up for a free 1st PT session like clock work, then you can do that same thing anywhere, can’t you?
You can do it in every town, and then in every town IN EVERY STATE!
So why not do this for other businesses just like yours?
Why not become their marketing pro? And sell them the customers (the “sales leads”) you can generate?
The only thing you need to do is, figure out how to do it for your business first.

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