The Online Jigsaw Puzzle

Remember those old jigsaw puzzles? 
They were one big picture, cut up into hundreds of little odd shapes, and you had to pick up one piece and try to find it’s neighbouring piece.
Eventually…(if you didn’t give up) if you had all the pieces, you’d find a spot for every piece, and the puzzle would be complete. 
I had one or two when I was young (I don’t remember if they were mine, but I remember playing a few of them). The one I remember best was one of Sydney Harbour, with the bridge and the Opera House. 
I was usually outside running around the streets or playing football but for some reason I remember this puzzle. 
Let me ask you.. do you think I would have finished putting that puzzle together if I was missing one third of the pieces?
No, I don’t think so either. 
I was thinking about that Sydney puzzle I did, and I remember thinking how smart I was when I completed it. I don’t know how old I was… 8 or 9 maybe. Ignoring my or anyones age for a moment…
I realise now that if all the pieces are in the box… how hard could it be? Eventually you’re going to figure it out if you keep trying piece after piece after piece. 
So where is the box with all the piece for online business?
Where’s the box so all you have to do is copy the picture on the front!
Fast forward a couple of decades from the Sydney harbour puzzle, and this is what I wanted to know!
When I started with online marketing trying to have a online business that spat out money, this is why I couldn’t figure out how to get customers and make dollars online… I just couldn’t get my early ideas to take off (some of them where not too bad now I think about it..)
My problem was, I didn’t have all the pieces in a box! 
My bigger problem was that I didn’t even know what the pieces were!
As you can imagine not even knowing what all the pieces are, would make living the “internet business rich lifestyle” somewhat difficult…
Fast forward another decade and I have found all the pieces. And every year (only through dedication) I seem to add some more polish and improve on a system that I built and copied from others around me. 
(I’m no genius and nothing is “new” anymore). 
Every year I continue to self educate, look, listen and learn. Business and marketing combined with the internet, is what excites me every morning and keeps me here logging on. 
I’d love to walk you through the process and share the pieces to the puzzle with you.
At the time I’m writing this, I’m giving away my book on Facebook Ads for free. Right now, this is the quickest and most affordable way to pick my brain of what I do and why I do it.
You should be able to find a picture of the book somewhere on this page and if it’s gone… no doubt there is something else well worth your time to consume and learn from.
If you’re looking for something else or more help in general, just send me an email and you’ll get an email back within a few days explaining what I’m currently working on and how possibly we could work on your business together.
Until then, best wishes.

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