What I DIDN’T KNOW Back Then

I’m sharing with you what is the same situation that most business owners are in right now. (likely).

My background is in the call centre industry, entire levels of office buildings with hundreds of desks and people. Workers (including me when I started there), literally tied to the desk with a headphone around their head plugged into the computer.

Some great memories flood back every-time I think of it.

But I don’t think anyone answering 80-100 calls a day dreams of being EXACTLY in the SAME SPOT, in 10 years time.

I was always personally committed to any job I did, but my imagination was free to fly.

I wanted to work for myself. I wanted to have a online business that printed money while I slept. 

It’s the business dream that most get started with, right?

At the time (2006-2007 – somewhere there) Search Engine Optimisation (“SEO”) was the all the rage! It can still be good, but I’d suggest no one put even 1/4 of their eggs into that bouncing basket. (i just made that up).

When Facebook started to let people advertise on their site, I jumped on that speed train! It’s been a wild ride ever since.

Back then, I thought marketing a product or service and getting sales was mostly just about getting the message out there.

For example:

Sign Up Here and Learn How to Grow Muscles Fast“. ” Learn how to Get Ripped!“. etc, etc.

This was one of the first campaigns that I tried to advertise on Facebook. If I knew then, what I knew now… I would have several, several, several extra dollars in the bank. But I was too blind to see what “wasn’t working”, was actually working! (that’s a story for another time).

So I’d set up ads to just get the message out there; “Get this now to grow your muscles“. (Please note; Facebook would ban you now if you tried to advertise this kind of “self image” improvement so directly).

Anyone who knows something about marketing, can see that anything close to these examples is terrible. It’s not good ad writing (known as ‘copywriting’ in the industry).

That’s how easy I THOUGHT it was. To be able to work for myself, and wake up having earned more money than what I fell to sleep with.

Have you ever worked up the courage, and decide today was the day you were going to throw $50, or maybe even $100 at Facebook Ads and say “show me what you’ve got Facebook!”

So you set up your Ad, choose your picture and you write in your blurb. You press START and for the next 24 hours you click:




On your PayPal account, or your email sign up page. To see how much money you’ve made!!

But, your $50 budget quickly decreases to $0 and Facebook has spent all your money, but has not given you anything in return.

I’ve felt this. I’ve felt it more than once. It’s funny because to HIDE the demoralising fact, I and most people blame Facebook!

What funny is that, Facebook did exactly what you told it to do: Show THIS AD, to THESE PEOPLE, and here’s $50 to do it with. Facebook aced it!

What likely happened was, you did your own version of my “get muscles now” ads.

No matter what you’re advertising there’s countless ways to do it WRONG, and less than a handful of ways to do it right.

When you’re ready to learn what works and apply it to your business, come by and check out my new private group where I’m spending time every day, to help business owners like you to LEAVE BEHIND all the tactics and Facebook Ad and marketing strategies, that’ll never work.

And to apply what does work to their business. With my personal input each step of the way, because I figured this is the best way I can actually help someone.

Click Here to Contact Me Directly.

Best Wishes,

Craig Marty


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