What it Means When Someone Asks Your Advice.

I would enjoy any job where I got to talk about Seinfeld occasionally.

In the email marketing world, there is an entire marketing strategy that is called ‘Seinfeld Emails’, or a ‘Seinfeld Sequence’ / Campaign, etc. Depending on how it’s being used.

I might get around to explaining that one day, and I will try and remember to link this article to that one. It is actually a healthy and powerful way to write emails.

When I was in the last two or so years of High school, Seinfeld was getting its first couple years of reruns. Seinfeld the show itself ended in 1998 and the TV networks started replaying all the seasons right away.

So being a young Seinfeld fan, I would buy blank VHS tapes from K-Mart and I would record the episodes. If I was watching it live I would even pause recording when the Ads came on to make it easy watching later on (and to fit 1-2 more episodes on each tape! Needless to say, I loved Seinfeld and still do.

I caught an episode the other day that prompted me to write this blog post for this site.

Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza were talking about the famous baseball player Keith Hernandez. They had bumped into him in a locker room and Jerry mentions to George that he is actually a smart guy, and he is a “civil war buff”.

George thinks for a moment and says to Jerry:

“I’d love to be a Civil War buff… how do you become a buff?”

Keith Hernandez on Seinfeld - How do you become a buff?

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If you’re not a fan of Seinfeld, I couldn’t imagine why. But also, George has a strong “loser” character / mentality which makes that question funny all by itself (you would need to understand the show).

When George asked that question, he was asking more about ‘how do you reach the level (in anything) where you unofficially become a “buff”.

Just incase you don’t know… a buff in this context is when someone is very knowledgable, inside and out about one topic. You could be a Football buff, a model aeroplane buff, whatever. Make sense?

But when does someone become a buff, of anything? How do you become a buff?

I propose the new official answer to George Costanza’s question.

You are a buff at what you do, when someone asks for your advice, on that very one thing that you do, or that you love.

If you love motorbikes and someone asks you what’s a good beginner bike, you’re a buff.

If you’re a designer and someone asks for your opinion on their new design of whatever, you’re a buff.

Have you had someone ask you for your advice before? yes?

Well, you’re a buff! Congratulations.

Do you want to become a Facebook Marketing Buff?

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