What Should My Website Conversion Rate Be?

For anyone who is already marketing their business, or a product online they will know all about website conversion rates.

As you know, if your paying for advertising online, you are paying for people to:

  1. Click your ad and land on your website.
  2. Hopefully “convert” into whatever your goal is. This might be:
    • Buy your product. Or:
    • Submit their details for more info. Or:
    • Whatever else.

A conversion can be whatever you want it to be.

Your website conversion rate is just the percentage of people who DO what you HOPED they would do when they got to your website.

If you pay for 100 people to click on your Ad, 100 people will visit your site. If 10 of these same people submit their details to get more information from you, your website conversion rate is:

  • 10 / 100 = 10% 

In this example, your website conversion rate is 10%.

Yes, But What Should MY Conversion Rate Be?

This is a very common question people ask when they start paying for marketing. It can also be related to email marketing and several other aspects of business and sales in general.

People want to know how their website is measuring up compared to others. But, does it matter?

Here’s Something You Should Know:

  • Your Facebook Ads conversion will be just one result on your website.
  • Your Google Ads conversion percentage on the SAME website, will be different.
  • Your ‘walk in’ conversion rate will be different again (assuming you have a shopfront).
  • Conversion rates from your email marketing efforts, will be different from the three above.
  • And so on.

When judging your own websites conversion rates, think about it like this:

If your website is selling toy cars to ‘toy car fanatics’, your conversion rate might be 5% for example. And that’s because the average toy car on your website is priced at $20.

Therefore, it’s not a big commitment for the customer. Especially ones who love and are fanatics of  what you sell anyway (there’s a big clue for you!).

But if your website is selling real life cars that adults can actually get in and drive around in, your website conversion rate could be just 0.5%, and likely lower or even 0%.

Here’s Why:

  1. It’s a big ticket item. No one is going to buy it on impulse, like they might a toy car, or a new t-shirt, or a custom coffee mug for example.
  2. Buying a real car would be done in person, more so than on your website.

Your website conversion rate will vary to other websites, depending on WHAT you’re selling.

If you are thinking to yourself “well of course no one is going to buy a car from a website, so that’s a terrible example!“, I’ll admit yes it is. But the same low conversion rate would be expected from any high ticket or high priced item that the buyer would USUALLY want to look out, touch and test before buying.

If your product fits into this ‘high ticket physical item‘ category, your website conversion rate is going to be lower than someone who is selling iPhone chargers. Because their customer knows exactly what an iPhone charge is, what it does, and their customers believe that there is a very high chance of the item being exactly what they ordered when it arrives in their mail box.

Easy, small purchases = higher website conversion rates.

Guidelines for Website Conversion Rates

Hopefully you read the above first because it’s well worth the 5 minutes read to better understand why and how comparing conversion rates DO and DON’T matter.

Having said all that, below are some guidelines to consider for conversion rates.

  • Website Conversion Rate for NAME + EMAIL sign up (for more info): At least 20-30%. (to as high as 70-80%)
  • Website Conversion Rate for SMALL EASY PURCHASE from NEW CUSTOMERS: 7-12%
  • Website Conversion Rate for BIG BUYS from NEW CUSTOMERS: 0% – 2%

Finally, your website conversion rate is also largely going to be impacted by your landing page. Your landing page is the URL your customers get to (or “land on“) after they click your Ad.

You might send customers to your home page. Or you might have a special unique page set up for your advertising. Whatever URL it is, the page your customers get to immediately after clicking your Ad, is your landing page.

A landing page that has a 2% conversion rate for someone to enter their name and email, can be improved to achieve a conversion rate of 20% – 60% overnight! (depending on the category and industry). And not just overnight, the change in result is instant – as soon as the new version is live.

A high performing landing page is a well thought out landing page. If you would like a powerful short course on how to achieve a well thought out and designed landing page, just go here and email us to request our Landing Page course.

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