What type of businesses can advertise on Facebook?

I get asked this question all the time.

In my world, it’s “Facebook this” and “Facebook that”. The large large majority of business owners would love to advertise on Facebook if they could be assured of a good return on the Ads.

The most common question that follows a business owners hesitation is usually something like: “Does it work for my industry?

While I’m sure there is a micro-machinery nano-size-parts manufacturer out there somewhere that I’ll give the answer “no” to, I haven’t meet them yet.

If your business sells to consumers well the answer is obvious.

  • Yes of course you can advertise your clothing line on Facebook.
  • Yes of course you can advertise your home made cakes on Facebook.
  • Yes of course you can advertise your organic natural WHATEVER on Facebook.
  • Yes of course you can advertise Travel Insurance on Facebook.

That’s pretty obvious, right?

Business owners who work in the B2B space are usually the ones asking the big question.

Business owners are on Facebook too. Not all of them, but the majority are. Just like not all 22 year old guys are on Facebook, but the majority of them are.

What I can say openly is that the strategy and approach to marketing to businesses and/or business owners can (and should) often be different. They are not civilians, end users, or “consumers” as such, it’s NOT always as easy as going straight for the sale.

Business have been marketing to businesses for thousands of years, and that process and the stages of forming a business relationship haven’t changed all that much.

WHERE the messages are broadcasted, have changed.

From word of mouth, to newspapers, to radio, phone lines, TV, Radio, Google, Twitter and yes, even Facebook!

If you’re still unsure how to position your product on Facebook, head over to my Craig Marty Facebook Page and post a question.

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